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Soon, SimCity Update 1.9, and then?

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Judging by the pace at which EA/Maxis are releasing updates, a 1.9 update for SimCity should soon become available...


Oh!? But if we soon have v1.9, and all updates has been numbered as 1.[0-9], does that mean that we'll soon see update 2.0!? A complete new SimCity version !!!?                 Well, we all know is metaphysically highly unlikely...


So if we are not getting v2, I guess we will get v1.10 and so on... unless we do actually get v2, but in the form of a DLC...

I guess you could also argue that the "9" in "1.9" might mean that this will actually be the last update / patch that they will bother to release for SimCity 2013, lol...


Anyway... enough speculations, what do you think?



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Anyway... enough speculations, what do you think?




Maybe these patches are numbered 1.1.1 -1.1.2 -...-1.1.9 -1.2.0 ?

SC has great potential and i believe they will fix the game (and learn something of value!?).  I'm not so sure about how this fixed SC will be but i think SC4 players will have to wait another year decade to get their game.

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Anyway... enough speculations, what do you think?

What i think? Well, that this Simcity will never become the game, the fans want it to become. So it doens't matter how many patches will follow, the game will simply not be good enough to please the fans.

There are simply to much changes needed to make the game work, so we simply have to wait for many years again in the hope of getting a game that fullfills our needs.

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