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NYBT Yankee Stadium

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Yankees Stadium

Hi all, and welcome.

Here I open this topic to show you one of the bigest project for the NYBT members: Model THIS Stadium.

This would be a group work, all members who want to participate and support us will be welcomed ;) .


I hope this project will be carried out has :D

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Wow, I can't believe we didn't pay more attention to this. :P

Sorry I guess I didn't say anything because I already knew about it from your PM but I was waiting for others to reply to this but they never did...

Wish you the best of luck though! An ambitious project that's for sure. :)

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks Parisian and Sgt, an ambitious project that is probably the reason why a few people doesn't try to participate. I know, others members NYBT like me, have actually many projects and we want finish them.

    Maybe, an motivation :D


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    • Similar Content

      • By cogeo
        Hi NYBT Team,

        I would like to ask a question. I did check the list of the NYBT creations, but wasn't able to find what I was looking for. Is there any NY-style CO$$$ similar in size to the ingame Marshall Printing? It grows like a weed, if you build a NY-only city (and imo it's not particularly good). It has 245 jobs, and the next bigger CO$$$ available is Walton Plaza (832 jobs), ie a MUCH bigger one, and it is stage-7, compared to 6 for Marshall. This means that you are going to get an awful lot of Marshalls before getting any Walton. So I'm looking for a building (or buildings) similar in size to Marshall (ideally similarly modded and lotted too - but I would be willing to do this part of the job myself, if it's not already done)?

        And if we relax the "NY-tileset" spec, the list could include more generic buildings as well.

        While there are many great BAT creations on the STEX, in many (most) cases they are strangely modded (often as landmarks), and lotted in oddly sized lots, thus requiring special zoning. So you are going to get maybe 1 or 2 in your city (I guess you don't want to fill the city with the same building). But this can't be your bread and butter of commercial development. The bread and butter of commercial development is mostly ingame and grows in standard-sized lots, ie 3x3 and (mostly) 2x3 (yes!) - not to mention that two 2x3 lots can be subsequently aggregated to form a 4x3 hirise. In general 3-tiles deep lots are the most versatile, as they are capable of growing from tiny shops to large hirises. Given that due to the simulator settings, only a portion of the development can be stage-7 and 8, this means that one is going to get a very repetitive look of ingame medium-sized buildings (like Marshall) unless of course you disable the ingame stuff. For many players this is out of the question though, as the Maxis stuff is in genearal good quality, and well modded and lotted (eg covering all growth stages or having the same building growing also in larger but lower-stage lots), so one would have to carefully download and install a lot of custom content, and risking leaving "gaps".

        So an alternative good solution could be to make specially designed, modded and lotted buildings, to compete with the ingame stuff. Such an example is the building by gn_leugim, specially made to compete with the ingame Reflect Systems Incorporated, a building similar in size to Marshall, growing as weed in Euro cities. Also madhatter106 has released a set of small-medium CO$$ competing with the ingame stuff, and I have made (but not released yet) a set of 3 small CO$$$, competing with the ingame Chalmers Co.

        I think this is the way to go. If anyone is interested, here are my suggestions of the buildings that should be targeted:
        - Marshall Printing, of course.
        - Maybe a couple of CO$$$ ca 450-500 jobs. These would fill the gap between Marshall and Walton. Such an example is the 0x4000008B family (Bunch Engineering and Ferrara Inc), only these are unique to the Chicago tileset, with all other tilesets lacking similarly-sized buildings completely.
        - The notorious Wren Insurance.
        - And of course, as many 4x4s as possible, as there is only one ingame NY-CO$$$ (true) 4x4 (Lind Entertainment).

        If any of the above already exists, please let me know.

      • By elavery
        I am wondering if there is a map out there of New York with the location of all the NYBT BATs on it? Would be a useful resource for anyone wanting to recreate New York, or at least Manhattan.
      • By GuerrilaWarfare


        I'm 2 days late but I don't think anyone else remembered either Though not the beginning so i recall, but the beginning of a good start
        August 24th 2009 - start of what is now in my personal opinion the greatest team evar. EVAR!!

        Now let's have some CAKE
      • By halo1dragon
        Wow its Almost the 10th Anniversary of september 11th

        Construction Site:

        Tribute in Light:

        United Airlines flight 175 Collides with tower 2

      • By Xyloxadoria
        I just found some interesting info about NYC and thought Id start a NYC thread to post information or Trivia that might be useful to NYBT or its members. If you have any NYC info, feel free to post in this thread.
        My Trivia post is about 11 Madison Avenue. 
        Currently, this is what is on the lot:

        If it looks short and stubby, its for a reason. It was supposed to be much taller (even taller than the empire state building) The great depression ended it at its lower height. However, all the structural elements are in place. if you wanted to finish the building you could. Here is what it would have looked like completed:

        There was also a loosing proposal for the same lot. This is what it looked like:

        If you are interested in the plans of the building as it stands currently, then there are floor plans of the building on this site. 
        Vlasky already took advantage of the plans.
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