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Help wanted on operating system decision for new PC (compatibility questions)

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So, I have the feeling that my PC is running on its last legs (more crashing and bugs showing up) and I don't know how much it will hold any longer. So I was considering getting a new PC...

But before I buy one, I would like to ask all of you: does someone has experience with running SimCity 4 on Windows 7 64-bit? (or Windows 8 for that matter). If so, does anyone know if the following programs work on that OS?

- iLive's Reader


- Lot Editor

- gMax

Switching PCs data-wise wouldn't be too much of a problem, since I have everything on a external HDD back-up.

I'd like to hear your comments.



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I've been using Window 7 Home Premium 64-bit for the past year or so, and have had almost no problem whatsoever with any of the above programs. I've not tried Windows 8 as of yet. That's all I can say.

To put it in detail, I've not used GIMP or Gmax that heavily, but I know I can at run them on Windows 7. I don't intend on trying Windows 8 until well after I get my own build up and running, but I remember Alex mentioning something about running SC4 on 8.

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You should look at what the main task of the pc is going to be, everyone is running any computer windows 7 pro,is the last os that you will be able to run a virtual os for windows xp

Windows 8 every items work off apps finding the desk top can be hard until you work out which app take to the desk top, compatibility of most program is a problem. Like all microsoft programs they will be writting update until they cowes come home.

Microsoft work on the rule is it stable yes release now, we can always release update down the track ib a week windows has had 756mb of update installed

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I'm running a copy of Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit and I have no issues with any of the above.

I also run it on a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit on my laptop and having no end of problems, though the nVidia GeForce 630m graphics chip in it is probably more to blame.

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I bought a new computer this last Christmas and the question I posted in the forums was very similar to yours. I'm giving you a link to A Nonny Moose's response to that

In my very own experience, SC4 crashes as much as it did on Win XP. As for iLive's reader and GIMP work perfectly, as I'm using them on Win 7 64-bit. Can't tell about gmax or LE, though.

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Good luck, Maarten.

I will only add to my previous post in light of a year passing.

Windows 8 is too new to consider it yet. Wait for at least one and probably two service packs, and watch this forum for problems with it.

If you need to run any of the Win XP Python-based tools (Terraformer, Mapper) be aware that there is a published patch for the Python run-time, which you would need.

This may be a very good time for you to seek some Linux experience as well. If you get a big enough hard disk (say 500GB), keep some of it for Linux. Currently, my main partition contains Ubuntu 12.10 and occupies 12.5 GB total of which my personal space is 7.2 GB (not counting other HDD's that have auxiliary personal stuff like file backups). So you can see a partition on the order of 30 GB plus a swap partition of about 6 GB would do nicely. Linux uses a full partition for swap/backing-store. Mine is currently 22GB because it is what was left after I partitioned my drive for two versions of Linux. All my partitions are overkill in the extreme. The one I am currently using is actually 250 GB, so it is only 5% of the total partition.

I suggest you might want to try both Ubuntu and Linux Mint both of which are free with full support. For discussion come to the FYI I am on Ubuntu (with the GNOME Classic desktop) and Alejandro24 is on Linux Mint.

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