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Simfanatik's Workshop !

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Well Hello again !

This time i wanna show you one of my first plane. I used to work at Canadair when i was younger .

i was as they say ( Assembleur en techniques aerospacial, and i was also qualified as

Operateur Machine Drivematik ,  as you probably know the gas tank of those plane are located in the wings,

and to make sure that those are sealed properly whit no leaks workers like ( me ) had to get inside the wing

and applied many coats  of a special sealer compond ,and i did also some assembly , Canadair did

( sous contract for Boeing ) 747 front hend  that is were i was using the drivematik machine in a day of work

on my machine and  1 front hend complete , i was very good and fast worker , ok now enough talking

and let's show the pictures !

This is not the final version ! textures will be improved , and i hope to make 2 version a water  version 

parking  prop and a land parking as well , whit many angles possiblefireplane1.jpgfireplane2.jpg

Thank you for viewing this tread and commenting !

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  • Original Poster
  • Well hello ! you know somebody once told me , why dont you open a tread to show us your things

    i did try a few times ,not too many comments , even this time nada no reply , it dont seems to interest annyone , so why should i show you my stuff

    annyway , i think i will keep you folks waiting and wondering , this was my last tread ! and i think i will remove all my things too !

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    Simtropolis isn't the most popular website out there. You opened this thread for just over half a day before talking about closing it, which is nowhere near long enough for a site like this. The best way to get people to follow you is to put everything in one place, instead of multiple threads. That way we can see progress in the thread and it'll be easier to find your stuff.

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  • Original Poster
  • Well allright ( jim546) maybe your are right , i will do as you say , and sorry for complaining , and thank you for giving me advices

    i will try to applied , and i wil open a single tread like ( Simfanatik's Work shop ) kind of , thanks again !

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     Well all that I will say is if choose to pull your files from this site that many people will be missing out on some of the best automata for this game and I am just getting into modding and I have a new appreciation for the time that goes into these things. Hope you dont fold it up and leave you are a valuable asset to the community and I am not afraid to say I look for your work every couple days just to be sure I dont miss it.

            Oh and what are the chances of getting a request if I can get the model to you and just have you texture it and format it.

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  • Original Poster
  • Well thanks guys , you are realy kind ,i do appreciate a lot , and i will follow your advices , and will start to work on a new thread , got so many things i wanna show you

    but some are not completely finish , and i sure dont wanna rush them out !

    i am planning to make all my vehicles as props too , but it takes time , and for thoses who are or want to make automatas , well if you look closely at maxis car , well i think that they can easely be reskin ex; you know the ingame pathfinder can be transform into a Bronco or an old Blazer , the secret of a good automata is the skin even if the model is ruff

    if the skin is good it will appear right , a good model whit a cheap skin wont do anny good

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  • Good day my friends ! Every Respectable police force must use motorcycles

    and Sim city 's law enforcer are no exception, they will now be able to uses them as well.

    Maybe a Classic Harley Davidson ? Why not ! , well this bike will be available very soon !

    well right now i am working on the night lights , and props versions , 


    This bike will be Additional , and  UDI driveable too !



    Well what do you think ?


    All my previous vehicles and uploads can be seen here - http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?p=files&keyword=Simfanatik&view=all

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  • ScreenShot004a.jpg

    Maybe a custom Simtropolis Step van ? this can be uses to delivered their DVD's


    1990's Ford 8000 straight body truck , Blank model , 3D model ,skin by Simfanatik

    Dont expect to find those models anny where , those are Simtropolis exclusive,

    more skins will be added , so if you guy's got request this is time for you to show me pics!!!


    Your sims entrepreneur & contractors will be able to rent one of those 2010 ford e350 cube vans

    i did try to make almost all majors U.S.A & Canadian truck renting brand

    the vans are 100% finish just need to add them into a .dat file and upload

    should not be too long , got so many models



    More renting trucks ? 2006 International straight body's

    Reefer truck's ?


    Gandy's dairy products



    Well i did made thoses to put in FANTA's contruction vehicles, and they will be additional

    thanks to him he did unlock (kind of) the mod to replace the in game ones bravo !


    hopefully thoses should be upload very soon !

      Edited by Simfanatik  

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  • Original Poster
  • Those vehicules are great, and a Simtrop one couldbe really useful, the troll swatter ! :P


    Thank you 'TowerDude' , some cabover trucks will be needed too, (blank) so it means

    if you folks got request for the boxes graphics well let me know maybe i can ....

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