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  1. SimCitySocieties will be a great game

    The game has no hope. It has a bad foundation that cannot be built upon.
  2. Nexis Of Genesis IV

    YES, I love your CJ! Thanks for the map! 10/10!!
  3. What you HATE about SC4...

    Wait how do you put your own music??
  4. How do you feel about the SCS announcement?

    Hey guys....instead of posting you dislikes about the game here(where dirk and the boys would like) open a new thread about it. They are trying to dust us all under the rug into this thread! VIVA THE SC4 revolution!!!!!
  5. SC4 v/s SCS City Journals

    I agree. SCS and SimCity 4 should be keep as separate as possible.
  6. SimCity Societies Landscapes Mod

    this is exactly why sim devotion is so much better...childs play...childs play....
  7. SimCity Societies Landscapes Mod

    And can you say easy child's game? "the game was placed in the hands of an 11-year-old girl who was entrenched with building her city rather quickly. She didn
  8. SimCity Societies Landscapes Mod

    While might comment might have come across as "juvenile", I am passionate about SIM CITY. And feel betrayed by EA and anyone who supports SCS. So instead of calling me Juvenile, why not address the issue at hand. Not to mention for confusions sake why not have two STEX?
  9. Northridge Executive Tower

    Great. I love your towers. Been to long since your last.
  10. The Planets | Sci-fEye Candy.

    Amazing....I love you level of detail with the landscape. what terrian are you using for your last update. Looks almost like a moon.

    Awww..... thanks guys. I removed all my plugins, and uninstalled the game. And it works know. Thanks so much. You guys are always so helpful !!
  12. Yea, drop society and pick up SC 4.
  13. SimCity Societies Landscapes Mod

    Can we please not have in SC societies stuff...UGHHHH
  14. I dont know what happened. I tried to open sim city today and nothing happened. The bridge popped up and it acted like it was loading but never did! It just stays on the black screen. Should I reinstall? Will I be able to use all my old regions and cites. OMG please any advice would be nice. Or maybe suggest A thread I can go to!!
  15. Concrete suburb apartment 01 v2

    Hey dude i love these. They will go great in some communists cities I have. Thx