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  1. ok will try to remove the LRM 4 and then proceed with LRM 5, can you give a link, strangly i cant find it even on google.. (really not joking) The Launcher is awesome, show you everything and also you can play with 1920 HD resoltion and many bugs and multi cpu support, plus the best ^^ autosave <3
  2. Alright, thx for the second update.. i downloaded it twice (diffrent places) but the file seems corupt. If i want to install now LRM 5 how do i proceed corretly ^^ Can you help me with that.. if its the best solution
  3. Alright, so lets say if i cant find the patch or fix. I would try the new 5 point ver of LRM, do i have to uninstall LRM 4 (of course ^^) and can it make problems (or what do i have to do correctly to not bug it more) .. like properly ^^ Or is it even possible just to deactivate LRM 4 at the SC4 Laucher / Plugins? thankyu soo much :3
  4. Thankyou for trying it out. I also retried to install the plugins step by step, but since yet i couldnt make out which is the problem. If you think its the lights, i will now try diffrent types.
  5. Hey matias93, i used the LRMv4.0 Mega Pack and installed the Dutch Style (Maxis Night). Is this by accident.. what you mean? ^^ Cheers, Prity
  6. Hey Jasoncw, actually Corinas link worked for me ^^ I have tried it out, but doesnt seem to change anything, or i am doing it wrong. Could there be some dependency problems with my plugins? Cheers, Prity
  7. Hey Guys, can someone help me, just installed everything fresh and added these plugins, now its showing some coloured fields.. thats the plugins installed: Any help is beign thanked very much. Also my 2nd problem. if someone can give me with hints or links. I am looking for lots of Japan related plugins or even perhaps an batch or an collection of it. Also an savegame would help me, would like to built an sector of Tokyo. Cheers, Prity