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  1. k awesome and btw hit me up on discord as well BeefStu101#0101. Then shoot me a private message <3 it didn't say you accepted the friend request
  2. would you want to join a SimCity private game with me


    1. Fantozzi


      Sorry, only city builder I play is SimCity 4.

  3. I could make it 16 tile idk what size tbh and ill make it private but which 16 tile but send friend request nd I will be down to play long term with ya]
  4. Hey, I just started playing SimCity a few days ago, but I've gotten quite good at it (I think). But I just keep running into a big common problem; people keep leaving the regions just after they build a few roads, occasionally I get some players that stay on for a day or so but in the end they leave and never comeback. Anyways...i'm playing in the North America West 3 server (which I chose since I live in America). I'd prefer for us to play on this server as im already on it but im open to any suggestions regarding the server we play on. My requirements are: Stay constantly active (i'll be active most of the time anyways as I really love playing this game) Be good enough to have a functional city(no need to be an expert as im not an expert either but im good) I speak English only (So please only English) If someone asks a question regarding the game please do respond. Feel free to respond to any question relating to things other than the game. (I'm easy to speak to so it'll be awesome) Optional requirements: If you consider to be or are an expert please do join and share your expertise on the chat Stay active on the chat If you prefer Skype just ask for my Skype name on the chat when we play Other than that my origin name is BeefStu101 (no its not a typo ) Please do post your origin name if you want join my little group (currently consisting of myself ) We'll play in a private non - sandbox mode, Ill select the region we play in according to how many of you respond (maximum would be 16 as viridian woods has 16 cities I think). Any suggestions just post