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  1. Hello My brother and I want more people to play with besides ourselves, when we look for games to join most are inactive or full to the brim :s We either are gonna start a region non-sandboxed or we would like to join one. If we start one it shall be non-sandboxed and people limited to 2 cities each and a mutual agreement on the great works and what each city wants to specialize (if it wants to) in what. We both own the Cities of Tomorrow expansion and the digital deluxe edition. For joining a region we have no preferences, we'll join any and adhere to any rules. We currently play in Pacific 1 cause we really didn't know which server to choose XD but we will switch to whatever server, add me on origin: angelling31 (my brother is JoeyxKay) if you are interested
  2. Origin Friends

    Add my brother and I: angelling31 and JoeyxKay