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  1. Problem Installing Region with Re-Release

    TEG24601 I tried putting the grayscale image in the folder: ~/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.simcity4.appstore/Data/Documents/SimCity 4/ but did not have any luck with seeing it in the blue windows box after loading the game. Is there something I am missing here? I tried putting the files in the Region folder as well, but that did not work either. Did it work for you? Thanks
  2. Problem Installing Region with Re-Release

    I have the same problem.. When i double click anywhere on the window it instantly crashes. Also there is no folders or anywhere to navigate to, is there a 'mock' windows folder we can input into the SC4 code somehow? I miss playing this game since I got a mac, and the Simcity 2013 version in my opinion is not nearly as fun as SC4 was. Is there someone we can contact to find a solution to this problem from Aspyr?