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  1. Should it be like that? I played before this game and you could build bus stops as long as you had one school in one of the cities. The funny thing is that when I load the other city (city A), students commute from the buggy city (City B), even if there are not school buses! Now I've built a school in city B and students commute from city A too! Another funny thing is that there are ambulances and garbage trucks coming from city A to city B, even if I didn't offered them.
  2. Hi there! I'm starting a new city, but I cannot place school bus stops for my students to go to the neighbor cities. It says there are no schools in the region, although there actually are. What's happening? I'm in the offline mode, not sandboxed. What's weird about it is that when I load another city with schools in it, students from the city with the bug come in! Even though when there are not bus stops in the first city!
  3. Hi all! I'm using this mod. However, fire trucks won't go into it, and I have installed the addon. Do you know if there is a fix for that? I'm on the OSX version, patch 10.2
  4. Street for busses

    This mod is awesome! However it seems my fire trucks cannot enter the roads. I have installed all the add-ons. Does it happen to any of you too?