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  1. BAT Request Thread

    HI there, I would LOVE to get some Mega City 1 Mega blocks, particularly Peachtrees from the movie "Dredd" 85,000+ R$ residents 65,000 C0$ / CS$ jobs HUGE amount of garbage etc etc Why? why not?? I'm bored with the old, I want the new... and 85,000 convulsing low wealth residents in one block is one heck of a meat-grinder! as far as I know Peachtrees is some 1000m high and 200 storeys. You can see from the photo that it straddles two Motorways. I think the photos show the building in "Lockdown mode" but it would be good either way. What say you BATters? you ready to obey The Law? or do you need some time in an iso-cube to think about it??
  2. Scale issues with BAT models

    Hi all, thanks for your replies Geo, I know that Sears tower is taller than the old WTC, that was what had alerted me to the problem in the first place! (ie. in game its the other way round...) I'll post a screenshot tomorrow... I read one debate about 100% scaling vs. 133% but even so, the difference between the two is far more pronounced... interesting in any case! ciao
  3. Scale issues with BAT models

    ola, first post so hey everybody! I have been downloading lots of BAT models from the STEX and am curious as to why sears tower is smaller than the (old) WTC towers and also Aucklands Skytower is smaller than it should be (i think) I always assume that these things are because I f**ked something up but just curious as I don't know anything about the BAT is it possible that the original modeller has just scaled the buildings wrong? Have others noticed this kind of thing before? If it is the modellers doing silly things with scaling why are they not being rounded up and shot?? kind regards, SIMchimp.