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  1. Subway/Tram in Road connection...

    Oh of course, duh... Why exactly? Because the NAM traffic simulator has Sims switching between networks to reach a destination and the original simulator didn't? Or... ? I later noticed the RTMTV3 has Tram Avenue stations that join these networks, but I'd really like to know what about the NAM you were referring to. Actually, they are in line. It's a three way junction - subway east, tram in road west (parallel), tram avenue north (perpendicular).
  2. I started building Tram in Road for the first time when an advisor popped up informing me that a marriage between my existing Subway and Tram would make the system more efficient. He offered me a transition piece from subway to elevated light rail. I passed on it for the time being because I wasn’t using elevated. Later I tried using the closest piece I could find to connect the two systems but it doesn't look right (rail elevation doesn't match) and it doesn't seem to function. Please advise. Thank you.
  3. Will abandoned buildings...

    Thanks for the input guys, more questions soon to come.
  4. recover on their own when demand returns, or is it best to demolish them and let the zone regrow what is needed?
  5. NAM General Support Topic

    Wunderbar! Thanks Joe.
  6. NAM General Support Topic

    Hello again ya'll. Today I'm working on sunken highways and overpasses and such. I'm trying to replicate Haljackey's Sunken Diamond Interchange from his interchange guide It's an older guide using RHW v3.0 so I'm sure many things have changed. Anyway, here's what I'm out to do: He didn't specify but I'm pretty sure he used Road puzzle pieces to build the overpass (white textures and pylons). But in 31.2 the Straight Road OnSlope puzzle piece won't allow any connection at that spot (reserved tile). And even if it would, the MIS ramp won't link up. The "T" Road OnSlope puzzle piece allows the close connection but again there's the MIS thing. I can build the overpass using the RHW-2 Ground-to-Elevated (L2) T-OnSlope transition and MIS will join with it, but I miss the white texture and the pylons. ( I even tried using the Elevated Road puzzle piece in the center to get the pylon and according to DrawPaths it should function but the textures don't match and it's fugly). I've looked several times through the menus and can't find a way to join MIS to Road. Am I missing something? Can the interchange still be built as shown? Or, is there a better way with the current version?
  7. NAM General Support Topic

    Thanks for responding Haljackey. After demolishing the exit ramp on the left, and the level transition on the right, then demolishing the overpass and rebuilding it, I was able to drag it from left to right. Still wouldn't go right to left. At least not in the grid right next to the east to west portion of overpass. I could pull it all day long from either direction one or more tiles away. Anyway, problem solved. Thank you very much. And now can you perhaps direct me to one of you excellent tutorials on RHW FA Curves? Thanks again.
  8. Great tool!  Especially the resolution. I can now play in full screen on my TV while relaxing on the couch.   Question:  While in windowed mode, the screen will scroll when dragging road, hwy etc., but when not using a tool it won't scroll.  I can only move around by clicking on the mini-map. Is there a cure?   Thanks tor your effort.
  9. NAM General Support Topic

    I just built this T interchange pursuant to Haljackey's tutorial: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=14073.0 Got it all complete with one exception. I can't drag RHW-4 from under (1/2) ERHW-4. The grid section turns brown below as it should, but any attempt at dragging results in red tiles. Suggestions?
  10. Zoning mods?

    Gotcha! This wasn't in any of the lists of hotkeys I'd found so far. Thank you.
  11. Zoning mods?

    I was just watching a tutorial on YouTube wherein the poster was zoning industrial. But instead of large yellow blocks, his zones were smaller and had arrows to streets like Commercial and Residential zones. I assume there's a mod for this: 1. What's it called? 2. Is it really beneficial? What are the draw backs if any? Also in his video, while zoning residential, as the streets appeared in yellow, has able to turn then off and continue to draw as he liked without the game inserting streets. It looked like he could also force the arrows to face the direction HE wanted them to. 3. Same mod perhaps? 4. Or is there another to accomplish this?
  12. NAM General Support Topic

    Aha!! At last!! The manual doesn't lay that out in detail. z1 said my track was too close, but didn't fully clarify. Using the full filler thrice per side gets it done! Thank you VERY much.
  13. NAM General Support Topic

    Well it has me scratchin' my head, but yup it seems to work regardless of broken arrows (green, magenta and orange). But I DO see yellow arrows indicating trains. Haven't seen an actual train (tram?) but I haven't watched long. Thank you very much kind sir.
  14. NAM General Support Topic

    Actually, it is NOT fully activated. Look closely at the arrows provided by drawpaths. On the upper half of the station the green arrows on the blacktop carry all the way through. The magenta/orange arrows on the upper half of the track go through the full filler on the right side, but are broken where the upper corner of what would be the left full filler if I could get it to place. On the lower half, OWR won't drag all the way through. It stops and turns red where the white crosswalk lines are. That's where the half filler is placed. The green arrows on the blacktop are broken and the magenta/orange stop where the track is missing from the filler piece.