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  1. Nationale Suisse

    well i think i just have to erase it then, since there's no fix to these problem....
  2. Dependency issues

    Hi I'm having the same stupid problem. i've downloaded the building 2 times, wit all the files (it has no dependencies) and still does the same thing. it appears on screen, but if i rotate the image it simply disappears, and i'm left with a empty plaza.... any ideia how to fix this?
  3. Nationale Suisse

    i'm having a little problem with this buiding...it appears in the game , but if i rotate the image it simply disappears, and what i get is just a empty square...any ideia how to fix this?? maybe i'm lacking some dependencies...i've try to erase it and download the files again but it just keeps on doing the same...
  4. Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Addon Set1

    I have a problem with this mod.....some of the lots appear as a card box....   Some help please..........