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  1. I have just recently been reading some comments on the forum for Chicago high rise construction on skyscraperpage.com and I noticed that some people are acting like the high rise construction in Chicago is CRASHING. However, when I go to www.emporis.com, I noticed that there are currently over 79 high rises being proposed for Chicago as well as some 30 high rises already being approved for construction in Chicago. So, how do you feel the high rise constrcution industry in Chicago is headed for?
  2. NAM General Discussion Thread

    oh wait, you forgot to answer my question that i posted somewhere up above, please check up above at my post for my question.
  3. NAM General Discussion Thread

    okay, here i am now, i have a question: where do i find the ramps for the avenue and avenue interchange and the road and road interchange? i've already found ramps for the avenue and road interchange, but not the avenue and avenue or road and road ones, so can you please tell me where to find it or explain the process of making ramps for them?
  4. How to: Make your own Mods

    hey there, which software do u use for all these modifications? is it NAM or BAT or what? i'm confused...thanks
  5. NAM General Discussion Thread

    hey, where do i download the NAM? and how do i make an intercharge of road with another road or avenue?