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  1. New Official BAT Request Thread

    Anyone want to make The Beer Store? It would look great in my Ontario-set CJ. If anyone is willing to, I can provide you with extensive pictures for modelling and texturing.
  2. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    That looks awesome! This new maritime buildings are going to look gorgeous in my cities! Good work spa
  3. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    WOw. That is incredible looking...get that theatre finished soon - I want to use it!
  4. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    Spa!! Awesome work here! The detail is incredible...awesome. I was wondering if you were accepting any requests for BAT's? I have so many things I wish I could have in my CJ, but I am useless when it comes to BATing
  5. Digby - East Coast Region

    ARE YOU JOKING ME?? WHAT?! This is like...christmas in summer. Digby is the greatest CJ to ever be created. I thought this was some idiot reviving this old thing...i mean, when was the last update?? 2004? If anyone reads my CJ, Regional District of Kilkenny, it was veryu much inspired by Digby. Wow, and with you back Lewellen, what an honour that would be to have you see my CJ. Your like a legand from the past! Good luck, and godspeed - i know your impending update will be glorious! (Still cant believe this is true...)
  6. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    Holy smokes! The lighting is truly awesome! Very nice - it was worth the effort!
  7. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    Hey spa! Thanks for the comments in the CJ. Im loving this new building - it has a unique Canadian style of architecture, and it will definatly help add some realism to some of the more dense neighborhoods in Vaelt. Cant wait!
  8. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    Go check out the update in my CJ! (Link in Sig) You got a mention
  9. Ridleys Cycles

    Hey, i think you forgot the punctuation in the title! ;) Heh, joking... Awesome, once again. Both this BAT and Kensington Market are featured in my next CJ update, although this one is just a mention. ;)
  10. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    awesome once again! The night lighting on the stairs is supurb! Im totally gonna download it tonight if you can get it up there
  11. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    Dude, downloaded this!! Looks so good in the rowhouse neighborhoods, its awesome! Ill get you some screens soon. Yes, now I can see your point with the windows. They have that 1970's blandness that not only makes them look very Canadian and realistic, but it definatly lets the 1st floor architecture really shine. Good curling!!
  12. Kensington Plaza

    This one is awesome!! Your best yet, mang!
  13. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    The windows look a little bland. Do you think a little cornace around the edges would liven them up? Other than that, it is one gorgeous building my friend!
  14. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    Wow spa!! That is so awesome looking...I love the size of it, it will fit in perfectly on the corner of one of my downtown streets! Im eagerly awaiting its release!
  15. Omaha, NE & Council Bluffs, IA Metro

    WOW!! This is very impressive looking!! I cant wait to see more...I love the farms and the rural housing!