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  1. New Commercial Buildings Ideas

    All your stuff is American, there should be more diversity, a great chunk of simcity players are outside the us, and the game is allready too America centred with it's ridiculously low taxes, it's lack of enviromental taxes, and the low return on ecology and so much more. Maybe add some stores and fast food restaurants and real restaurants like: Media markt Fnac Delhaize (I think it's called food lion across the pond) Quick Panos etc.. Add maybe some Hermès stores for the rich (a purse at Hermès can cost around 3.000€ which is 3.000+ us dollars). I'd also would love to see beach and club based tourism like on the Spanish Costa's and the Greek, Turkish, etc... beaches. they are quite important for those countries. I'd also love to see shopping attraction parks, that have the amusement park feel and look but instead of rides it filled with designer stores. (There's one not very far from me, it has Mcgreggor, MK, Armani, Hugo Boss, Hacket, Gaastra etc... It attracts lots of people, there are even busses bringing tourists