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  1. Dude, everyone can make these fixes themselves. The receipt is in this thread:
  2. I have had a few request from people who wasn't lucky with W0lf's tool, so here is a patch 2.0 Russian/Hungarian to english fix: http://rapidshare.com/files/3942080886/Simcity.2013.patch.2.0.Rus-Hun.to.Eng.Crack.zip
  3. Try this tool: Everyone are more than welcome to advertise a smarter way of fixing the languages, I think many of us are tired of doing it manually. Especially because I don't really play anymore, untill patch 2.0 arrives.
  4. Why? You only need to replace one file. If you have deleted the files for good, right click the game in Origin and hit Repair.
  5. I have made a new batch of Hun/Rus to English manual fixes: http://rapidshare.com/files/804545348/Simcity.2013.patch.1.95.Rus-Hun.to.Eng.Crack.zip I would recommend you to try out Wolf's language fix tool, it will make the whole process easier: I can see the Nissan DLC has added a few more lines, which I have no english version of. Can anyone with an original english installation upload their updated data.package file please?
  6. Hi Wolf, Glad to see your contribution in here First of all, sorry for my "attack" on official forums, I was sure you was just a copycat trying to steal other peoples work. Your tool sounds great, it would really ease the fixing for every patch! I have just tried your tool and it tells me patching is successful, but I get this when I start game: http://imgur.com/3PfzLZN Do you want me to upload some files for you to analyze?
  7. According to the description, yes that's exactly what you can do with your city's in your region! But unfortunately the game is so bugged, so you will see that the broken traffic system and lag on server will stop your project quickly. I had the most fun in the start, when I only focused on one city. As soon as i started building a neighbor city and tried to share resources and workers, i stopped playing because of the bugs.
  8. Every step is explained earlier in this thread.
  9. 2013-03-30 New fix for Rus/Hun to English: http://rapidshare.com/files/2241591778/Simcity.2013.patch.1.9.Rus-Hun.to.Eng.Crack.zip I haven't seen a version number anywhere, but I guess it's SC 1.9.
  10. New version of rus/hun to English 1.8: http://rapidshare.com/files/3645726566/Simcity.2013.patch.1.8.Rus-Hun.to.Eng.Crack.zip duh, a guy at the official EA Simcity forums have made this language fix him self, and ask people for donations for it... pffft... The solution has been public for more than a week!
  11. Nice job! Will test it when I get home from job later today I am not skeptical, but pretty curious. Is it possible to have a look at the source code? I have no real programming skills to make my own "copy", so if I see any possible improvements I will tell you
  12. Sounds very interesting! Any chance you will share your program with us? Where do Origin ask for allowed languages? Edit: Oh, and I have uploaded a package with all the original, unmodded language files. Maybe you can use them? http://rapidshare.com/files/3843059567/AllLanguages.zip
  13. New hun/rus to english crack for version 1.7: http://rapidshare.com/files/4166369296/Simcity.2013.patch.1.7.Rus-Hun.to.Eng.Crack.zip
  14. It was a bit harder, as I had to find a working german file out there. Can't promise that it works, but here you go: http://rapidshare.com/files/3509914277/de_Data.package