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  1. Keep in mind also that some things will increase crime. Gambling for example. Some industry as well.
  2. That does seem odd. If work is too far away for some people to travel taht could be a problem, but if you have no traffic I would find that unlikely. Sometimes it does take a while for changes to kick in. If businesses are new then some people can have been complaining from not having work before the shops were built. Injuries are different with death. If you have low education then your people will injure themselves more often (and set more fires as they are too dumb to work a stove). Do you have enough ambulances and room in your clinic? Look at how many injuries/day are being treated vs the total number.
  3. Traffic issues need fixed!

    I hope they add multiple entrances into the city. Make it like a real city as there isn't only one entrance from the highway.
  4. I noticed when I added a community college to my industrial area it improved the happiness and tech level of the surrounding industry (I could see the happy faces pop up in all the buildings). I'd suggest the college right in the middle of the industry. Not sure if the university improves anything around it, but i would bet it raises the land value.
  5. The community college appears to improve happiness and tech levels at industries right around it. I don't know if it makes a difference in the skilled worker count in a city,or the types of workers, but I did notice an increase in my industrial sector when I added a college.