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  1. Origin Friends

    ID: DrahcK Not new to sim games but i didnt played Sim City 2013 beta (busy with LoL) but if i have known about it i would probably played it. I just know about this when i saw a popular LoL player playing this on his stream. Anyways add me if you want some help in making a big City.
  2. Did the same mistake as well. Most of my residentials & commercials are High rise already and yet i cant even reach 75K to upgrade my town hall again. Most of my industries area high tech already but most of them get abandoned coz of low workforce.
  3. Riots outside City Hall

    ***k those guys i have them on my city as well and if i know where those guys live i'll be happy to demolished their house and turn it into a park.
  4. Love it. Played a couple of hours yesterday and still wanting more. Only complain i have is that the tutorial is kinda lacking and they never mentioned anything about each city needed to specialize on something and must workout with other cities. Beta tester knows this but how about first time player like me. I ended up re-doing everything after i got my first High density as i figure out by my own what i need to do.
  5. How do I turn off the grid lines?

    I have those grid lines as well when i played last night. Anyways i think you might want to keep it as it really helps when your doing your layout specially when zoning. I found out last night that a high density structures covers 3-3.5 grid and because of that i can maximize my space compare to my first city which has a lot of unutilized space. Anyway i think you could hide it on settings TAB.