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  1. It should be a very simple code to determine the quickest route from point A to point B with traffic and street capacity factored in. The code for all of what you said is simple a series of if statements. However, I am not too familiar with the code for simulating the AI, and I'm guessing the issue is in that, like it's calculating the fastest route for every sim at once and not adjusting the route after its already calculated.
  2. High Wealth Residents

    Yeah I couldn't figure it out either but as soon as I added a $$$ park, I got 2 medium density luxury condos built. I'm guessing the same is true for commercial zones as well. What my main issue is now is getting the max density for residential/commercial buildings. I'd have a huge population, 80% approval, and everyone was happy, but the medium density was the highest I'd get.
  3. starting a region!

    I'll join. I haven't really figured out mining/refining and producing processors and things, so I'll stick with what I'm pretty good at and thats a tourism/gambling town. Origin name: robcards Already sent you a friend request
  4. Gifting money not working?

    Yeah same issue here. I also spent the 1 mil simoleons to start a great work and that money appears to have vanished as well. Although the great work at least says pending so maybe its not completely gone
  5. So the servers have allowed me to play long enough today to accumulate 1,000,000 simoleons to start a Great Work in our region. For an hour+ now it has simply said it was pending, loading the application, and that it may take a few minutes. Has anyone had any luck starting a great work? Is it normal for it to be taking this long? I lost the 1mil simoleons and when I click on the great work area it just says something like 'cutting red tape' or 'fighting beareaucracy'.
  6. Origin Friends

    Origin ID: robcards looking for some active players to play with