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  1. It seems like as long as you get the HEX string right it doesn't matter too much about the name and as far as I can tell you can add as many lines/names as you like without screwing the game up so just write a bunch of different name combinations. The game should pick up on the line it "likes the most" ^^ Just remember to write the lines correctly with all the " and * in the right places.
  2. Cool The first time I tried this fix I loaded a huge city with the original files at first to get an idea of how laggy and slow it was (with every zoom in/out it had to do that spiral loading of everything for about 5 or 6 seconds and moving the camera was choppy and if I moved it too fast it would become a slideshow), then I quit the game, copied over the tweaked files, launched the game and loaded the same huge city and instantly noticed that the camera ran completely smooth and the spiral loading only took 1-2 seconds depending on the zoom level. SC4 just became my favorite game again. I can't recommend this tweak/fix enough
  3. I don't think that will work unless you have the exact same graphics card because you need the right HEX string for your particular card.
  4. Sim City 4 Performance

    You should check this out: It really worked for me.
  5. Hey. I know it's an old thread, but I just started playing SC4 again, but all the lag and bad performance was really pissing me off so I spent a couple of hours on google and to my great joy I found this thread. This absolutely worked for me. I have a pretty decent rig with a GeForce GTX 580, i7 quad core CPU, 6 GB RAM and running Windows 7 but the game was still really sluggish and laggy, even with cities that has a relatively small population, but after following these steps the game runs like I have always wished it did! It feels like a completely new game now that the framerate doesn't drop whenever I move the camera or zoom in/out and the loadtimes are almost non-existing. It's strange and I'm sorry that this fix didn't work for Zentu but it really did the trick for me so try it out. I just added the lines: stringMatch cardIdentity "GeForce*GTX*580*" To the "Graphics Rules.sgr" file and: card 0x1080 "GeForce GTX 580" To the "Video Cards.sgr" file and BOOM... the game now runs like a dream. AND I would never have found the HEX string without Mysteryous's second post, so thanks Mysteryous! You made my day! Edit: This thread sould be stikied imo.!