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  1. There are a prop which i don't like it , but it is apeear with the road. How can i block it? The prop ID already know. Sorry for my bad english I hope somebody can help me, thx a lot
  2. 25 - Akihabara

    So brilliant
  3. Update 20 - Nishi-ku Tenements

    Excellent work ! ! ! i love your cities.
  4. Update 19 - Koyaura

    The military habor near Hiroshima reminds me of the Yukikaze : )
  5. 18 - Imizu 2

    Nearly,i mean it's unify the sidewalk and the building's :) I use ML sidewalk texture now,i want to make then same,i am curious.
  6. 18 - Imizu 2

    Thx for the reply,and i really love your city. And i have another question,how did you make the texture unify?It looks so amazing!!!Is there any tutorial to do that? (sorry about that i have so many question :)
  7. 18 - Imizu 2

    Hi I want to know what terrain you use ,thx : )
  8. GnL_EHA High Fall Apartments

    Nice job man