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  1. Nuclear Power Plant

    You should keep lower schools open so people don't start fires in your city.
  2. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Bridges for avenues should not be suspension if it is short, it just doesn't make sense. Also you really don't see suspension bridges on land unless it is crossing a deep valley.
  3. No random Disasters

    I had an alien invasion in my third city.
  4. Tips: Building your city

    Thanks for the tips
  5. Yes I plan on eventually doing a 16 city region. Maybe first, havent decided yet.
  6. What's the first city you'll build?

    Yes education curbs crime
  7. New Screenshots

    You can make curvy railways and bridges. It's nice to see the trains slow down when going up hills.
  8. What's the first city you'll build?

    I plan that my first city will be a trial city to try out all the features not in the first two betas. Then I want to build a education/high tech city.
  9. I'm planning on buying it on tuesday but can't play until thursday night.
  10. I played the original simcity a couple of times on school computers. I played simcity 200 a bit. I played simcity 3000 alot until I got Simcity 4 with rushhour expansion. I liked the udrive then I got bored of it after a while.
  11. I have AMD Athlon II X4 635 Processor ~2.9 GHz 4 GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 4200 Graphics card I should be able to run it fine but the beta I was lagging kind of alot. I don't know if it was my computer or my internet.
  12. New Screenshots

    I don't plan on preordering but I want to buy the british, german, etc stuff. but i dont want the superhero stuff.
  13. So in 1 hour...

    I guess i'm a slow player but I only filled maybe 60% of the map. The second time I played I focused on improving density of the zones, instead of building zones superfast like everyone else is.