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  1. Show us what you're working on!

    Small UK style light industrial town I started working on ....
  2. Variant terrace of 8 model now added to the workshop with no front gardens and some rendered facades to give a bit of variety and help to create that narrow street ambiance typical of Victorian era built streets in the UK. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1288535953
  3. Terrace of 6 Victorian Houses now uploaded to the Steam workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286838119
  4. That's a good idea , I will probably go with that. Most of the props I plan to use are also in the UK houses by MacWelshman so people who like this sort of stuff will probably already be subscribed to most of them. Would it be worthwhile to chop off 1 tile of the back gardens to make them 5 x 4 ( still Rico only) to match the depth of growable 4 x4s , or will a 5 x 5 be ok , particularly if I import the other 5 model sets in the series at thi size? If I do make a smaller growable versions , do I still have to make L1, L2 , L3 , L4 , L5 identical copies of the same house to keep them in place as they level up or do people just use the level suppression mods? 4 duplicated models for the higher levels , although not too hard to make , does seem like a terrible waste of game resources to me.
  5. After a small break from CS modding due to RL commitments, I have found the motivation to get back into the saddle. First thing was to fix all the procedural objects I have made for the game. Since the last update to the Procedural objects mod, all my assets were no longer selectable by the player in game so became useless overnight! The joy of dealing with a modable game and these are only static assets. My sympathy to those who actually code mods and have them break by official updates. So I spent 2 days re - authoring all the procedural assets and updating them so they now work. While doing so I found the UK terraced houses models I did for CXL requested by Sparks earlier in the thread, these were my first ever publically released 3 models mods back in the day so a bit nostalgic for me so I thought I would bring these into the game and update them while doing so. First images after porting model in Skylines. Still some work to do, being CXL models they are 5 X 5 so would have to be RICO unless I chop them to a terrace of 4 and make them growable. Also need to work on the back fences, is it still ok to use a lot of props from the workshop to embellish them? Any ideas for this design appreciated , after this I have 4 other different Victorian terraces to import at similar 5 x 5 footprint.
  6. I thought I would start a thread to showcase this imaginary full 18 layout I built for my city. I know there are some great golf assets out there and some really cool looking courses so post them here. I will start by sharing my effort: Take a virtual tour by hole by following the spoilers below: Hole 1
  7. Was trying to detail my golf course with hole number boards but did not want to make 18 copies of the same thing just with a different number so I quickly made this pack of procedural numbers and letters to enable procedural numeric or alphabetic detailing. Uploaded to the workshop just in case anyone else can make some use of them. They can potentially be used in a wide variety of situations (custom road and runway markings, platform numbers, helicopter pads , Hollywood type hillside signs etc, etc) if you are into adding extra details and have a bit of patience. The linear letters can also be stretched out infinitely as an alternative to the Prop Line tool where for example one stretched out letter "I" could replace numerous individual line decal assets to save performance. Procedural objects are ignored by the game engine in terms of counting towards the total count which is quite handy if you are close to the limit. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1139717359
  8. Driving range now published to the workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1139070561
  9. I am having fun trying to build a full golf course with my newly published creator but I missed my driving range from CXL because it was modelled at 1-1 scale as opposed to the scaled back vanilla range so with some fiddling about with sub buildings I managed to bring it into skylines. Can be useful as part of a golf course complex as in these screen shots but I also thought it might be useful as a standalone leisure facility in a more urban setting.
  10. The golf course creator is released to the workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1134520715
  11. Pack I think is done. In the end I made a par 3 , par 4 and par 5 straight hole template and 2 procedural bunkers (5 models in all but still very light at 4MB total download. This is my first attempt at a realistic par (long hole) 460m par 5 and it turned out ok I think. The best part of this set apart from it lightness of resource is the fact that it can handle changes in elevation which makes for more realistic layouts iMHO having played a bit of golf in my younger days. This hole took about 20 mins to make starting from a dead straight procedural asset template. Things like green shape and tee box size and position can also be adjusted while in the game. The bunkers are dropped in over the top , they can also have their shape and size altered.
  12. Decided to take a break from CXL importing and make something new for a change . I wanted a golf course so I downloaded the existing one from the workshop which is very good indeed but weighs in at 45MB. This prototype procedural golf hole can be made in to any shape , lengthened , shortened , curved , whatever shape hole you want basically and comes in a 600k. Still need to refine the textures but this is a working prototype so good progress so far.
  13. The old city walls set are now uploaded to the workshop ( 6 asset pack ) . The procedural asset mod really allows these to work, they didn't really take off in CXL because of problems with placement, I hope they fare better in Skylines world. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1128258543
  14. Next up the medieval city walls loosely based on those at Avignon in France as requested earlier in the thread. First import turned out not so bad. 4 procedural props in this set , wall section, gate house, square tower, round tower all designed to be placed together for maximum flexibility of layout. It actually looks better than it does in Cities XL due to the better lighting system in Skylines.
  15. One last one added ( saving the best til last) to the workshop today. Another old stone rail bridge which can also carry roads. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127120167