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  1. where does freight go?

    Not trying to sound like a jerk,but in english please? When you say it is hard coded,does that mean it is physically unchangable,or that we cant touch for fear that it will severly mess up the game if we tweak it at all. And when you say "there is no space for it",im not exactly sure what you mean. Sorry,my computer skills when it comes to stuff like this isn't exactly up to par.
  2. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    GLR in highway-puzzle pieces And the ability to at least have turns.
  3. where does freight go?

    has anyone ever considered making a mod to make this work like normal?like commercial services requiring freght and manufacturing industry's needing dirty industry raw materials,and high tech needing manufacturing industry products? how hard would that be to do?
  4. I know it almost always goes to the nearest edge,where does it go afterwords assuming the city it crosses over too has no city exits except the one you came through,where does it dissapate to? I assume freight train traffic dissipates when it reaches a freight station because it can't become a freight truck. Has anyone ever worked this out?