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  1. Aeronautical exercises in archripelagos

    were did you find this stuff, i want it! i love the us navy!
  2. Im looking for a good metra train cab car, like in my profile pic, can anyone help?

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    2. shanemitch333


      I haven't seen any good ones like the one you have in your picture

    3. JLA123


      I know, airman15 is making me a metra p40, but I was wondering if someone else could me the cab car while he does that

    4. JLA123
  3. Special Entry 1- White Thanksgiving

    how do u get the snow on the ground effect, because, its just a white sheet, and I cant see the roads. 
  4. hey haljackey, forget the last messeges, but do u know when u can drag a road in a BAT that has a road inablement, is there a mod for that, because the road in the airport in ur building a city from scratch videos, that road is not showing up, can u help me?
  5. ok, the bullet train looks like ours now, thanks, but I have another question. what japaness website do u use
  6. ok this message is sent during reinstallation of nam 31.2. so im doing that, but is there a texture back for the street under the bullet train track?
  7. in your "building a city from scratch" videos, what BTM mod do u use, with the street under it? also, what mod did u use for the monorail curves?
  8. i need a MNRR m7 train to finish new york city. i got the subway cars"the R160" i just need that m7

  9. any one who can make a ah1z viper please contact me and make it PLEASE

  10. Need a uh1 huey for army base

  11. Tornado Sirens

    HOOK21 were is the sirens because i cant find them :cry:
  12. 3ds Max Mixed Modeling tutorial

    what software do u use