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  1. really not a fan of the line up for Warped Tour this year

  2. R.I.P Uncle Delmore you will be greatly missed please watch over us

  3. UOB Plaza, Singapore

    this right here is AMAZING wish I had the skills to create mods for cities skylines all I am good at is making maps
  4. getting skylines today is it worth getting or no?

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    2. cmdp123789


      Yes, get it.. But to be honest, it is not thaaaat great yet.. It will probably be the best game in like 2 or 3 years.. Hopefully by then we will have the architect.. Again,good game, but in terms of realism, sc4 still beats it.



      SC4 is pretty realistic on an orthogonal level. But CS skylines truly breaks the grid, and the shadows are properly done. In SC4 the shadows from buildings only covered ground textures and not other props and buildings. To me that is a big realism deal-breaker.

    4. cmdp123789


      Yes, we can get into details like that, and it will finally be up to the player.. But what I meant is, you don't have all the realistic plugins we have for sc4. You can't for example build a realistic american city, because that level of realism has not been reached yet... You don't have the necessary lanes for highways (accelerating and de accelerating) you don't have realistic looking buildings yet, they look too cartoonish, and of course, you break the grid, yet grids tend...

  5. Really hating EA right now

  6. So Evolve comes out tomorrow and wont have the money to get it DX the struggle is real

  7. Exams Exams Exams oh how i hate them

  8. So just got my 125 saltwater gallon tank in XD thank god ive been waiting for atleast a whole month welp time to see how this project turns out

    1. Tonraq


      Nice. I heard maintaining a saltwater tank is pretty hard.

    2. shanemitch333


      Ick is really the only mean thing that destroys your tank

  9. Didn't get jack for Christmas oh well

    1. Mister Giggles

      Mister Giggles

      I hope not! Slavery is a terrible thing.

    2. arozarker12


      Merry Christmas friend! We don't do gifts here, just enjoy the day and it's blessings!

  10. I know this isnt the place to ask for new bands to listen to but does anyone have any good deathcore bands to listen to?

  11. oh how i would love a new dead space game

    1. NielsC007


      I wouldn't, I never finished Dead Space 3. Single player microtransaction are disgusting...

  12. The 23rd needs to hurry up i am ready to see what RockStar has to do with the Holidays on GTA 5

  13. NYC World Trade Center Pack

    I've actually had a problem with this file when i load up a game and load a map it takes for ever to load and it wont let me play how could i fix this?
  14. I know this isnt the place for reefers(salt water tank keeper) but if there are reefers in the simtropolis community place message me ASAP are comment on this i keep having a problem with ICK on my tangs and i need help with it thanks in advance

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    2. arozarker12


      I don't know a lot about saltwater but either you will have to remove and quarantine the tangs or remove the corals and treat the whole tank. The parasites will live in the water for about 8 weeks. I don't know any other way for you to go about it!

    3. shanemitch333


      all my fish where killed sadly DX so there is nothing but coral in there i got a brand new heater what i am going to do is keep the temp at 80 degrees and see if that helps and in about a month i am going to get a small damzel and see if the ick is still in there if so i am going to treat the tank with Kordon

    4. arozarker12


      Man I am sorry about the fish! sounds like you have a plan though.

  15. For all those sleeping- Demons