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  1. Help a newb to big cities out!

    I figued it out, but it was so late in the city that I would just start a new one. My sims went to work in a city 2 tiles away(I have NAM) and that solved most of the issues. but it became very hectic verry fast so I figured that I'd just start over.
  2. The Problem: I have 3 cities, an industry city where I keep my dirty and manufacturing, a high tech city, where I keep most of my HT industry, and a big city where I keep most of my residents, commercial, and some of my ht. I have a surplus of no job zots, and little money, trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand for everything(seriously, 5000-6000 across the board, no cheats) I am having money troubles, and loads of NJZs. Should I build a separate city for commercial? Should I do all cities like this from now on? I am used to sub 50000 residents, but now I have nearing 100,000. I need help to ready myself for the big leagues of large realistic cities. Thanks in advance -Kaushad
  3. What would you pay?

    where is the, "they need to pay me" option?
  4. Well, I know I do. It has a lot of similiar concepts to this game.