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About this City Journal

My first city journal. The construction of a new region.

Entries in this City Journal


Greyson Bridge

I'm proud of myself this entry as I begin developing the third city in the region of Hansburgy, Greyson Bridge.

This city, as the name suggests, revolves around the Greyson Bridge, linking City Centre to the Western Island.


Firstly the bridge is put in, and the links from City Centre are connected, included the rail line.


The city will utilise wind power, which is built alongside the interchange (unfortunately there is a link missing due to construction constraints [when NAM31 is released, I may go back and change this])


Growth on this side has been in high demand, with the medium density zoning quickly maximised.


Meanwhile, less intense development has begun over the bridge, with transport already developed.



This land to the west is likely to be high demand now that the east is at the current capacity.


And here's a look at the region currently. The boundary of City Centre and Greyson Bridge is quite noticable...




A Return to City Centre

While Harbour Bay has grown, City Centre has been neglected, which unfortunately has led to a fair amount of abandonment.


However, the CBD has seen some healthy growth.


The construction of a country club sees some of the old agricultural land across the bridge to be converted to residential (this is also next to the airport)


While nosying around at the commute, I found someone who enjoys the ferry so much that they will walk miles to work just to take it...


With a focus to streamline transport at the city centre, the old stations are demolished.


A single grand station is built, with an additional smaller capacity station to the east. Light rail stations have been moved to align with these.


The tram line is also extended to the west to make a loop back to the rail. Future plans will link it back to the tram line again.


These few changes and some loosening on density restrictions have lead to notable growth in the area.


Returning to Harbour Bay, a few extra projects are also completed.

Capacity issues across the eight lane highway has led to the construction of a new bridge, and retrofitting of the interchange.


Further east, a single road is changed into a set of one way roads, capitalising on the heavy pedestrian traffic around the rail station for commercial growth.


Congestion north of this had led to more of the rail line being viaducted.


Meanwhile north of the bridge, a light rail system is installed with a connection to rail to service the ever growth area to the west.


The line is underground under the highway, but becomes at ground later.


A station is strategically located within the high density growth zone.


The line currently ends behind the airport, which surprisingly utilises the tram well.


Reconfiguration of the industrial zone attracts high tech growth.


An interchange is also changed to account for connection to this industrial zone and a off ramp is removed as it is somewhat redundant.


Things are certainly growing up and out.


And the transport network is becoming more and more effective.



The growth of Harbour Bay

I don't know how coherent this entry will be, I kind of just played and took a screenshot whenever I could remember haha.

Here's the region map from when we last left off. Note the very minor amount of development across the river in Harbour Bay. That's about to change.


First, the garbage problem has gotten out of hand, so a landfill is created, nice as far from existing development, near the western edge (the road will eventually become a highway)


Development occurs around the edge of the interchange created in the last entry.


...including the Mayor's house.


A new centre is developed just west of the interchange, with a wealth of beaches. It is intended to be a high density residential centre.


As development pushes west, the western highway is in need of an upgrade.



As the upgrade reaches the city's limit, there is a lot of demand for an airport, the site of which is chosen to be on the western edge.


The western centre shown earlier sprawls back to the highway interchange.


The northern highway is then upgraded.


The land to its east is eyed-up for port activity.


The area developed into a high tech niche area.


Growth has definitely come to this area of Harbour Bay


The landfill area is being minimised in order to account for more growth. It's likely that the next city to develop will have to deal with Harbour Bay's gargage, just as Harbour Bay has in part for City Centre.


Finally, it is decided to build a canal, as a range of marinas are developed at the water's edge.


Things definitely are chaning...


Until next time...


Branching Out

So we return to Harbour Bay, where the missing link of the intersection from the past entry is added.


Growth also begins at either end of the coastal highway.



The latter of which becomes home to the first university in the region.


As industrial demand heats up, this piece of land in the north is eyed.


A road network helps locate the boundary of the industrial zone.


And this intersection gets an upgrade.


Business booms in the industrial area.


Meanwhile, it is decided to completely upgrade the intersection to grade separation, in preparation of increased growth in the area.


The temporary routes come in handy when fire breaks out at the new industries.


The interchange will be rather complicated due to the three highways and the avenue.


With the ramps all in place, its now just required to link them with the existing road network.


The trucks get a bit confused as this occurs.


Just the western routes needs to be linked to the interchange.


This also requires ramps not included in the main interchange.


The railway is also rebuilt, winding around the interchange.


Development begins around the interchange.



Harbour Bay emerges

Hi! I actually played this a couple of weeks ago, and intended to include more in the entry, but as it won't be a while yet, I'm going ahead and posting now :)

Thanks everyone for your comments in my last entry!

So, as promised, I've moved onto a new city, just north of City Centre. This is mainly going to be a huge crossroads between highways radiating from the city centre.

This has led to construction of a prominent interchange, including links to the new road layout.


The highways extends to the east along the coast (First time using FAR in this CJ!)


The railway is also extended.


Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping an eye on the funds. Had to um, cheat a bit to get back to surplus...


First development is zoned at medium density, acknowledging its closeness to City Centre.


Rail and highway links are also improved closer to the bay.


Development has been extended across the isthmus.


Probably be a while til the next entry too...


Growing out

Thanks to chimeran, VMIUJcadet09 and Jacob Guajardo for your comments on my last entry :)

Before I begin, has anyone else had this happen before?


I thought it was crime related, but after putting a police station there it didn't go away. There are sims going beside the cars looking like they are skateboarding on them or something. I think it was a glitch.

This entry is a little bit of this and a little bit of that (like most entries, really...) but will be the last for City Centre for a little while. The aim here is to expand to the borders and set up the roading and rail network before moving on (I'll tell you where at the end)...

We return to City Centre....


And the transport map for good measure.


The major intersection in the north of the city again was not completely to my liking. I rearranged a few lanes allowing for a more effective and efficient link from south to the industrial centre.



This allows more room for a new subdivision


The final section of highway is finally built...


Including an intersection linking the CBD loop road


Another intersection is included more north, and development beings near the city's border


The transport guy (god bless him) suggested building an airport, so one is built to the east of the central inlet on the opposite city border.


Meanwhile massive subdivisions have appeared in the west (Yeah, I'm viewing from the north, sorry)


And another subdivision to the east


And another to the west


Development now stretches all across the city


Roading upgrades in the CBD also leads to a new rail station


And the CBD to bridge road is upgraded fully with a new commercial hub


And one last look over City Centre...


Ok, the next city block I'm going to tackle is...

Harbour Bay, directly north of City Centre. Here's my original map for reference:


See you there!


Linking it together...

Been a very long time... Sorry, I am very busy at the moment.

Not that I have a big readership or unique city hahaha...


Last time we had a light rail line laid down, but no stations


So, first thing is to put in some stations!





Work clear the way for a northward extension...


..that is constructed along the main road.


The line links back around to the east, which causes a few deviations to be constructed.


The point the two lines meet is the same square that has held contention for years now. It's such an important interchange and must be considered carefully.


And because it's so important, there will be a lot of unhappy commuters who have to take elongated detours. The rail is kept intact - for now.


The most important link is of the highway, which will for the first time be grade separated. To avoid complications, the light rail line is converted to subway through the intersection.


With space limited on the approach to the bridges, some lateral thinking leads to an interesting interchange to be constructed.


Further earthworks moves the rail line onto a viaduct and allows for the final link to be constructed.


And that's all for now. I really am focusing a lot on transport haha. My news ticker keeps complaining about fire and police coverage, so I might perform a bit of town centre gentrification next time. Or just extend the development west. Depends on my mood haha


It's been a long time so I thought I better add another entry, although it's going to be a short one again...

@westy177: Thanks. I have to say that transport really is my strength. I don't really play around with the zoning and all that much unless it is a specialised area. Transport, imo, is the most important aspect to a city as it shapes almost all other factors.

Ok, we left contemplating this intersection, but the authorities are still cautious about plans as it is still a main focal point of the city. The RHW networks are intended to only be connected once other areas of the city have grown more prodominant.


One aspect is that a lot of traffic conglomerates there to enter the RHW over the more central connection as the latter has no off ramp to the industrial area. This is quickly remedied.


The alternate route is also upgraded to avenue, although the roundabout is demolished in favour of traffic lights...


The next phase is to connect the separated initial settlement and the CBD area.


This new subdivision, possibly the largest yet, includes a new train station and medium density in the blocks surrounding it.

Also, ground light rail is laid for the first section of a planned ring route to complement the rail network. Station designs are still being considered. [i realised I didn't have any stations in my plugins at the moment!]


Additionally, the road network is upgraded to define the main routes better.


Minor upgrades are given to that initial intersection why caution is still held for the RHW connection.


The city has come along quite a bit now, but there is still a lot of potential - for growing out, and up.


And then there's the rest of the region to consider too....


No comments on the last entry, so straight into business!

This is a very long entry, somewhat to make up for the last entry which was very short... I had tons of time to play SC4 this week, but I don't know how often I will have from now since I am returning to university next week.

To start, the simple train line has introduced a spur from the diagonal station...


...to the northern industrial area. This should relieve congestion to the job-heavy area, and also provide an alternative when the major road works take place in this area.


The industrial area is further expanded.


The 'CBD' area is also expanded, aided by the increased access rail provides


Additionally, density is increased around these transport nodes.


Crime has always been an issue in the city centre, and police stations are finally built in the city.


The budget has always had a healthy surplus, so the rates have been decreased across all sectors. Still a healthy surplus remains.


The road and rail networks are finally laid out to the west of the city.


These routes link back to the northern industrial zone, where ever further expansion is occurring.


Focus returns to the eastern banks of the central inlet. Both the rail and highway are extended to the city's limits.


While the abundance of routes over the inlet avoids traffic congestion, the link with the industrial zone is another situation...


Both highway and rail is demolished to allow for the city's full blown highway interchange.


The final result has led to the deviation of the rail line to the south,


The connection from the interchange to the industrial zone is upgraded and a commercial zone developed at the inlet's banks.


The project has also led to the reconstruction of the road bridge to be consistent with the other three bridges.


Before moving on to the other massive project of this entry, a city hall is finally erected in the CBD area, along with additional zoning.


This stretch of road has been flagged for upgrade to highway standard.


The demolition of the route will cause major headaches for the industrial zone, which will have to use newly constructed links to the east and west.


The interchange of three highways and a major arterial causes for careful planning to be endeavoured to allow for as many links between the route to be implemented.


The interchange with the industrial area has been tricky, with southern connections problematic due to the proximity to other links.


A rather unique interchange has been created for this four point collision.


Additional links from the industrial area are included, but their longevity is questioned.



The opening of the highway routes has led to bottlenecks further down the line.


To allow for the upgrade, a temporary link is constructed.


The dual carriageway extends all the way to the bridge terminus. Existing intersections are kept, but plans are under development for when the highway is connected to the bridges.



This connection will be the next big highway project, but there are reservations due to the high level of demolition required in this important area.



All Aboard!

Just a quick entry today. I haven't had much time for SC4 lately, but don't want to slack off on my CJ.

@iLovePwnage: Thanks, I looked it up, but found it too small for my liking and I prefer the platforms being included.

@westy177: Ok, I gave it a try, but it wasn't for me, and wasn't the terrain that I am wanting to work with. I prefer the bright, beachy feel of the Maxis terrain compared to the dull rocky type in that mod.

@alexander.bowman: Thanks for the suggestion, but I was looking for a through station of a single track.

I ended up going for the marrast train stations, but am still open for suggestions.

The first rail line in Hansburgy has just finished construction! It links the CBD site to the western banks of the central inlet via the residential zone.


The station at the CBD should allow for further growth of the area, while designating enough room for increased capacities.


As the line cuts through the main residential area, the street pattern has had to be adjusted to accommodate for the station.


The station nearer the bridge links into the commercial precinct with pedestrian streets in place of the demolished thoroughfares.


The final station is simply temporary for the time being, but is located in the heart of the industrial zone.


Stage 2 of the rail project will construct a spur to the north of the city.

That's it for now...


Hello again from Hansburgy City Centre!

@iLovePwnage: Thanks!

@westy177: Transport is of major importance for me and I couldn't help myself from starting the RHW network I have planned. Actually, the is an alternate 'storyline' here where I completed the RHW from the bridge to the northern industrial area due to capacity issues at the western port of the bridge. However, I accidentally forgot to save when exiting and since decided to delay that construction until it was actually ready for it. I will use the interchange layout later and will accommodate for it (hint: It's part of the reason I widen the main road to an avenue). I do have a ring route planned as shown in the first entry, and the northern side will be RHW (shown in red in that image) and the southern side will be a NWM equivalent. Also, I did search for that terrain mod you suggested but couldn't find it. Do you have a link?

To return to where we were, the new Highway-bridge provided even capacity for the thousands of commuters that cross the central inlet, but it has caused a few issues where it reconnects to the main road. Unfortunately, further upgrades are put on hold as further details are determined.


The main issue of the citizens is the lack of public water. Complaints are flooding into the office. With a strong surplus, the council agrees it is time to lay a water network.


The water network is also extended to allow for the development of further industrial activity at the northern edge of the city.


A bypass is now constructed from the bridge's western port to this industrial area to provide relief to the residential-heavy main road.


This has also led to the construction of a one-way system at the intersection of these important routes and will currently serve as a commercial hub for the neighbourhood.


Yet even more people are anxious to move into this exciting settlement and further residential land is designated.


But the issue of garbage is mounting. Where will the landfill go in this area?


It is finally decided for its location to be on an area of land to the west of the central inlet which has no plans for development. It is hoped that it will close when the region is further developed and it will be converted into park land.


That main street is just getting busier and busier with the ever expanding city. A section of the road is widened to an avenue and new commercial premises are zoned.


The city also gains its first hospital.


There are also plans to start developing the proposed site of the CBD. This will be on the southern banks at the intersection of the north-south main route and the southern portion of the city ring route. While the routes have been designated, the streets are built currently for existing capacity.


A beach is also included to help draw in more citizens to the area.


The residential area is again expanded due to steadily increased demand.


And finally, it seems like I can't finish an entry without a bridge! The first rail is built alongside the existing road and highway bridges, as the first step for a public transport system. Plans are currently being developed.


And on that note, does anyone have a suggestion for rail station I should use? I currently haven't got any alternate ones and would prefer not to use the Maxis versions.

Again, thanks for reading!


Bottleneck Blues

Just another quick update as the city spreads its roots.

@Lucky01101: Thanks. I'm really interested to see how this area will look once there is more focus on the centre of the city block and the highways are formed through the area (this entry shows some aspect of that).

@westy177: Thanks as well. I can see how this is a bit dull at the moment, and I would love to have a mature region to work with, but I am also interested in the development from small settlements to high-rise havens and the long road to that stage.

So to return to City Centre... (currently not very aptly named)


A northern link is introduced with an aim to focus more industrial activity in this area due to the lack of land on the western banks of the central inlet.


A new power plant is also included as the city's energy requirements increase.


An additional settlement is also developed at the intersection of the western and northern connections.


Additionally, the simple existing residential subdivision is extended further east.


But even though the new bridge has just been constructed, it is still at capacity, and approval has been given to provide the first section of the proposed regional highway system as an alternative bridge.


Work has been completed on the alternate route, but there appears to have been a mix up. The roads to the bridge has been constructed at the most ridiculous angles - no car could manage to drive up that! The engineers in charge have all been sacked.


The new engineers (Me finally getting a slope mod) provide the necessary earthworks. Unfortunately, many homes have had to be demolished. However, the new bridge has been officially opened, along with the first stage of the regional highway network. Hopefully that relieves the bottleneck blues for many years to come.


This is the first time I've used a slope mod and I don't know why I didn't get one earlier! It looks much more realistic.


Birth of a city

Nice to see some comments already!

@Simul8ter8: Thanks!

@Fox: I am personally fine with the Maxis terrains and plan to stay with them.

@etahn54: Hmm, the images work for me...

@westy177: I do indeed have the NAM and a few other mods, but like to play with minimal mods. Some people might not like that, especially my lake of custom buildings, but I am happy without them and that's all that matters to me. :)


Development begins with a bridge over the central inlet. Original plans see to separate industrial activities from residential and commercial.


The first residents move into the Hansburgy region.


The western banks of the central inlet form the initial agricultural land.


Growth in the industrial zone has become slower...


..so a connection to the rest of the region is constructed to allow for further growth.


The construction of the region's first fire station gives the industrial zone added protection.


The western bank is now dominated by the agricultural community.


The residential zone is extended north due to the boost in jobs, and includes the region's first elementary school.


A more upmarket subdivision is also developed on the peninsula.


The increased volume of traffic it creates leads to the designation of commercial zone along the road to it.


With the residential zone developed further in land, the narrow bridge across to the industrial sector is in need of upgrading.


But disaster! Just as the bridge is demolished, and power is temporarily cut to residents, an arsonist decides to have a bit of fun!


As the only fire station is on the other side of river, another is quickly constructed within the residential development. But it is not quick enough, as one home is burnt to the ground.


The reconstruction of the bridge is on track. It is raised to allow for future boating activity along the inlet. With further upgrades predicted as the city developed into a regional hub. It's higher capacity will allow for increased development on either side of the inlet to be underway.


Thank you in advance for any comments. This entry probably wasn't the most exciting (although that fire had me on edge!) and some people might not like my minimal-mod gameplay, but I am looking forward to sharing with you the development of this region. It's the first real time I've decided to create an entire region with a firm plan in mind. Usually I focus on single cities and weave connections between them. While at the moment this city looks very plain, especially the boring grid layout of the residential area, but I am to allow for natural evolution as development continues, and allow for this past road layout to still be evident once the area is dominated by skyscrapers.


A new region...

Hello, I've always been a big SimCity fan but have never made a city journal before. With heightened interest in the game with the announcement of the new SimCity, I felt the time was ripe for me to make for me to dip my toes in the water of city journals.

The region I have chosen is an adaption of "New World" by Jose L Ortiz (the top right corner is used). It can be downloaded at the STEX at this link:

I was planning on using the SC4 Terraformer to create my own region, but was disappointed to find it would not work on my computer.

Here are images of the region:


To the north west...


...and to the south east.

And here is my plan of the strategic routes throughout the region:


I will begin shortly, starting at the city centre.

I don't know how often I will be able to update this, but I am looking forward to gaining feedback on my creations :)


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