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  1. Whitney Houston Dead

    Sad. People only seem to pay attention to this kind of thing when it happens to a famous person, though.
  2. Shocking sinking of a cruise ship

    This appears to be a result of negligence. The actions of the captain are a little appalling. I would NOT be happy if I was on that cruise ship and this happened. That guy's in for some trouble. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. I guess the ship isn't salvageable. What an enormous waste. And sad about the loss of life, but fortunately it was at least very minimal considering what it could have been.
  3. While I have to congratulate you on such an achievement, a 20 million population for a Sim City seems a little extreme.
  4. question...

    I'm not aware of any way to create your own riots and adjust the severity of them. Other than just going to your medical/school facilities and lowering the funding down big time, which will result in rioting.
  5. Yeah, you should be able to just buy a physical copy of it from Amazon. That's what I did when I purchased the Mac version of the game. If they've got the Mac version, I highly doubt they wouldn't have the PC version.
  6. Check your local GameStop or other gaming store for the game. If that fails, try Amazon.com.
  7. No crime or fires at all

    Wait a minute, are you saying that whenever a fire happens in some different part of your city, the power plant also catches fire? If it just catches because it always happens to be next to the building that catches on fire, then that's understandable but I don't have anything that could explain why it would catch fire in concurrence with a fire in a totally separate part of your city.
  8. Would you mind specifying what you mean, exactly? Do you mean how long it takes to open the game up to the region map after inserting the disk and clicking on the icon? And with or without skipping through the intro trailer? For me it takes less than a minute, especially seeing is how I skip through the intro trailer each time. If it's taking you any longer than about five minutes that's not exactly normal I shouldn't think. I'd be surprised if this poll has any more votes past the 1-10 minute option.
  9. World Affairs

    I imagine this situation might be a tad disappointing for Samoans whose birthdays are on the 30th of December.
  10. American Politics

    I think he already killed any chance of being the nomination after the kind of gaffes he's made.
  11. No crime or fires at all

    Actually, I get fires and crimes in cities that I've run on easy. I'm sure there are a lot less than what you'd get on hard (I only play my cities on easy or medium), but normally you should encounter some fires and find crimes on the crime map. The only explanation I have for you not getting fires is maybe your city doesn't have much industry, abandoned buildings, or other structures with a high fire hazard. But even still, they should happen occasionally, even if infrequent.
  12. Fantastic, Gabzas; glad I could be of some assistance there, but thank madhatter himself for actually creating those BAT packs…
  13. How to Remove a Mod

    It sounds like you're having a problem with what we call "brown boxes". For help with this situation, check out this thread.