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  1. Parks and Recreation in Simcity

    one thing i am really hoping for is a variety of sports stadiums; soccer, football, rugby cricket
  2. What do you guys think will or should be the parks and recreation to be in Simcity 2013
  3. SimCity Vs Cities Xl 2012

    personally i love the zoning in cities xl because it gave you the option of four different zoning types; free, square, singe and linear
  4. SimCity Vs Cities Xl 2012

    i was just wondering what the general theme of what people thought
  5. The think that annoys me about cities xl and i hope this game doesn't do is that all the roads, even the small roads make intersections with traffic lights, where cars have to stop for it.
  6. I think that cities xl is better for the sole reason of the map size and better transport systems
  7. I really hope that the rail lines wont have station that go out to the side, the platform should be in the middle of the rail line or on either side of the rail line, and bus stops should not take space but go on the side of the road
  8. The only reason i don't want to get this game is because of the ridiculously small tiles, they even in simcity 4 the large one were way too small, need to be at least 15 by 15 kilometers big, needs to be more like cities xl map size
  9. Traffic

    i hope that landmarks, sport stadiums, concert halls ect. will attract traffic because thousands of people do go there and i hope its realistic in that way
  10. I really hope that simcity 5 has a wide range of transport options, road and public transport. I never liked how in simcity 4 roads were always congested and avenues were just to big. I hope it has a variety of roads like in cities xl. I also hope that it will have public transport systems such as ferries and trams. I also hope you can create the routes for the buses to run along, instead of just placing bus stops which to me never seemed to work. I also hope that bus stops don't take up area and just go alongside roads like in real life.