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  1. SMP Yellow Pause thingy remover

    Huh. So I don't need cheese. Nevermind my game still looks great!
  2. DEDWD JB HiFi Store

    I love JB Hi-fi I always shop there
  3. Central Bus Station with McDonalds

    doesn't work
  4. Where to Download Sim City 4 landmarks

    Thank you. I think I understand why they took down the Sim City website since they weren't focused on Sim City 4 anymore which makes sense. I'm surprised that SimCity 4's community has been around for nearly a decade
  5. Hi I'm trying to find the additional landmarks for Sim City 4 but I can't find them. I know you can download them from Sim City.com but it is too laggy (I'm fearing it would never show up) and you have to register to get them but that is too diffcuit. I once found a website that had everything but it was on an older computer. Can someone please send me a link to a website that has the landmarks. Remember NOT Sim City.com
  6. Stunning Sydney, in Sixteen Bits