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  1. Missing parking lot

    I can't find the topic I was reading again so I'll post here, as it is relevant. If your parking lots are missing in the non updated Heblem files, here is a link to Textures 2 LBT Pack de Texturas 2 Click on the "Descarga" (Download) link and choose where you want to d/l. The site is in Spanish. The installer itself is in English, even though it d/ls in Spanish.. I had the missing parking lot problem with my Super 8 and this cleared it right up. nf
  2. Heblem's Texture Pack 2

    I am using the Super 8 Motel and have a blue parking lot even though i have both Mega Props and Textures pack installed. I can't find just the plain Textures 2 which I need to correct the problem. I found 1, but not 2. Please help!
  3. Mexico Tiendas Oxxo

    le puse en mi folder de plugins y no puedo verlo en mi menu. es "ploppable" o "growable"? ayuda me por favor.
  4. Making Cul de Sacs With NAM 31.2?i

    SA-WEET! Thanks to your help guys, I got them to work.
  5. Making Cul de Sacs With NAM 31.2?i

    When I install NAM again and the start the game, where will they be located? What Menu, please?
  6. Making Cul de Sacs With NAM 31.2?i

    I wil check again, I thought I checked all the boxes. NAM 31.2 right?
  7. Car Crash Scene

    It needs a coroner's truck or an ambulance.  I realize SimCity is a family game, but where's the blood?  If there's a dead body, there should be some blood even a little fleck of it.  Unless they died from...internal hemorraging!
  8. EDIT: The "i" in "NAM 31.2?i" is a typo. I want to know how to do it. I'm not talking about this (which I know as a roundabout): (Describing a small circle with the street tool.) I mean these ones: (Taken directly from the NAM Alternate Components Guide.) I installed NAM again. Checked ALL of the boxes I could. I didn't find one called, "Cul-de-Sac". I moved to to my Mac side and got a whole BUNCH of new things (Stations, Bridges, Viaducts, etc.). I didn't find them anywhere. I looked the all of the Network menu. Then, just out of curiosity, checked the Park one. Nada! Do they have something to do with the z_NAM folder (as opposed to the main �NAM one)? If so, I don't know where to place it. The Windows version of the game puts it in just the Plugins folder. This is how I have it on the Mac side. Meaning, I don't have it in the Plugins/�NAM folder. I am aware of Marsh's large cul-de-sac mod. But they're too big for what I need. Any help is greatly appreciatted, please. nf
  9. Custom Lots on a G5

    I want to build custom lots. I have a G5. I want to know which 3D modeling program to use, please. I can't use 3DS Max because Virtual PC is waaaay too slow for that. And, I've been told that Maya is more for VFX. Besides, I want to use the graphics power that Mac is known for. Remember, this is just the design the actual buildings. In other words, what's compatible with Lot Editor? I realize LE is a Windows only program and I will use it when I get to that stage. But, once again, what on my G5 will be good for the design portion. Lightwave? Also, I'm not adverse to using a file conversion program, once the design is done. What I mean by that is convert them to, say, 3DS to get the file to work with LE. Any suggestions? TIA nf
  10. The Rectangle Roundhouse (WMP Railyard)

    I want to know if anyone has a brown box that comes and goes.   I do.  Its been said that SFBT's prop causes the problem.  Can anyone who has used the Roundhouse please PM with their experiences both good and bad.  I want to get to the bottom of this. Thanks!
  11. Get your Maxis files here!

    Hi, I have a question. A few of them, actually. First off, let me explain my situation. 1) I have a PowerPC G5. 2) I have VirtualPC running Windoze XP on my machine. 3) I only run the Rush Hour Expansion Pack off of a CD. Meaning, it isn't installed in my Applications folder. The folders like "Plugins" or "Regions' all reside in the ~/Documents/Sim City 4/ folder. But other than that, nothing is installed game-wise. 4) I don't have the Windoze version of the game anywhere under Virtual PC. Now, my issue: I run the EP-1 Upgrade, right. So, I can start the nightlighting process (it's twofold). However, when I try to VPC it, the messages "Old file Missing" and "Missing/Invalid INI File" After a very short time, the EP-1 installer says the Update is complete. Now, I understand, I don't have a version running under VPC. But, Is it possible the Update happened? My guess is, "No!". But, I my last Compaq had Windows '98 on it. What I'm trying to say is, "I don't know how PC's work anymore it has been that long since I had one." So, I don't know if, in fact, the Update was run at all. If it did run, where do I find the files to move it to the Mac side of my G5? The checked the c: Program Files/Sim City 4/Plugins on the Windows side. Naturally, they weren't there. And, I don't even have a "Maxis" folder anywhere under VPC. So, my questions are these: "How do I Upate both EP1 and the BAT patch under Virtual PC if I don't have the game installed under VPC? Can I?" Dumb questions, I know. But, I have to ask them. Help me, please, nf
  12. Train Issues

    I will 90o and will mosdef get the Update now. Thanks for all your help!
  13. Train Issues

    Teg, So, what you're saying is if I leave that elevated, I am stuck with trains falling off of it in one direction? I kinda guessed it was that. Actually, I was able to cross in both directions. But, the solution left me with a diagonal piece of ground rail directly under the crossing. This would have been fine, if I were allowed to connect a slanted track with a regular one right under it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But, being abe to go directly under elevated rail without the use of puzzle pieces defeats the whole purpose of the NAM. Am I right? Blowing up buildings: That's not an issue since I obliterated the whole city. On the one I demolished, I tried to plan ahead. (think of every possible scenario I encountered in previous cities. Rails, el, highway you name it). I was starting to realiize I had nowhere to actually make buildings. So, I started over. I only lost a day, but I'd much rather play-it-where-it-lays. I tried building over it with a road. But, the game layed down one piece on top of another. Like I said, that isn't an issue now since God stopped the bullets. I will look into the UB Update. I heard it was buggy. Or, is that only Mactel machines? nf
  14. Train Issues

    Hey all, I got Virtual PC for my G5 yesterday. The first thing I did was install the NAM. Man, it makes the game more complex! Anyway, I was playing around with Rails when I noticed something. As a elevated train on heavy rail goes into town, it fails to cross a ground rail. However, a train coming back from town makes the same crossing with no problem. I have posted some pictures online to show you guys. Here's going: And, coming back: Every time I've watched that particular crossing, the same thing happens. One makes it. The other one doesn't. I have queried the elevated track right at the intersection and both pieces used in its making show as being here. I bring this up because I had to use two diagonal pieces. I thought this might have accounted for the problem. Does it? Something else. I have been having problems blowing buildings up. Not all of them, just those with a specific use. For example, I wanted to move a water pump I couple of squares to the left. When I went to destroy it, whole process showed on my monitor. When the smoked cleared, the building remained. I detached it in the underground mode. When I tried again, the same thing happened. Obviously, there's something wrong here. I guessing it has the do with the NAM and how it's loading. I followed the naming conventions given in the Mac RH Update thread, so the the Update loads just before the NAM. In other words, they're the first and second folders, respectively. I ask to you help, yet again, please. All I can do is scratch my head at this point. nf PS. Other than these things, I _really_ like the NAM. My next project is to get AC's Functional Airport up and running. But that's _way_ down the line. I'm not one for dependencies. But, when I saw what the Airport could do, I d/l'd the whole thing.
  15. Macs - RH Update

    Screwpile's site has it. http://screwpile.wordpress.com/screw-pile-exchange-spex/mac-only-files/ SC4 RH Deluxe Post Update 1 Installation Files – MAC ONLY