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  1. After upgrading to OS X Lion, I started a OS X Leopard partition to run my older, no longer supported applications. They all worked fine except for Simcity 4, which doesn't work. I have all the patches installed, and I simply dragged the application from one partition to the other. The program opens, but runs with the exact same issues as on Lion (I can open a city, but unless I uninstall all mods it crashes intently in mayor mode). I'm in the process of reinstalling the program, but if that does not work, what else can I try? I used to run Simcity 4 on Leopard, then Snow Leopard, with no issues at all. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. When viewing any of my regions in Sim City 4 Rush Hour, a graphical glitch occurs in which the bottom left (south, I believe) side of large (4x4) city tiles is transparent. Therefore, at any point in a region where there is a large city tile, the southern side can be seen through and the blue grid background is visible through it. When buildings (or anything else) are built on the southern side of a large city tile, they are visible from the region view but the ground and water around them remain transparent. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue, and if anyone knows a solution. It's not a serious issue, but it gets a little annoying and if there's an easy fix that would be great. I'm running Mac OSX 10.6.5 w/ 4 gb ram 3.6 mghz (or something) with a couple hundred gigs of free space on my hard drive. I do have several mods installed such as the NAM and quite a few custom buildings. Thanks in advance!
  3. Patras Greece By blade2k5

    looks awesome, but it will be inconvenient for me to import seeing as I have a mac. Would you mind posting one of the grayscale bmp things? Anyway, I look forward to building on this map.
  4. Central and East Macedonia Region

    It took my computer 20 minutes to render . Awesome map, I doubt I'll ever be able to fill it. Thanks for this