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  1. Genova city area

    Thank you very much from a Columbus fellow citizen.
  2. Bay Of Naples

    Ciao, penso tu sia italiano. Se ti mando un'immagine del golfo di Genova con i rilievi e tutto (ma come era in passato senza il porto e tutto) potresti mica realizzarla? Ho visto i tuoi due lavorie mi piacciono un casino. Grazie.
  3. Lanterna di Genova

    Ciao skazz, ti chiedo scusa ma non riesco a mandarti un messaggio privato. Non c'
  4. Lanterna di Genova

    In che lingua te lo dico??? Sei un mito ma che mito, un megamito. Thank you very much!!!!
  5. Torrazzo

    El Turass!!!! Non ho parole, sei un mito. Davvero.
  6. Basilica di Sant Ambrogio

    P.S. Mi sono dimenticato, mitica la basilica, complimenti.
  7. Basilica di Sant Ambrogio

    Ciao Skazz, sei italiano? Non
  8. BSC Menu Management Lot Mod

    It's a lot of time I wait something special like this.
  9. I've realized a model for the new sc5 menu (without the managing part). I'm sorry if some words aren't in right english and I hope all you will say me what do you thin about it. thank you very much. MODELING________________________________________________________________ Setting Upgrade ground level Hill-Mountain-Mesa-Plateau-etc
  10. The Duomo of Florence

    I'm Italian I can't not appreciate this. I nly ask you, if you really interest italian art and architecture if you can create more italian uildings, like St mark church in Venice or palaces of Via garibaldi in Genoa or the Duomo of Milan

    Ciao, di dove sei?
  12. Church of St Gabriel

    Hi!I really like your buildings.I've a suggestion to do.I hope you'll find it interesting.Cat. of San Lorenzo, Genova. http://www.liguriacards.com/nuove/nuove030909.html http://www.globalgeografia.com/album/italia/liguria/genova2.jpg please write me f.noceti@virgilio.it
  13. Greetings to all! I hope this is the right place for my request. I don't know if someone of you has ever been to Italy or if you have never heard about cinque terre in Liguria. So, here, in the centuries, people have modeled hills building thousands of kilometers of small walls organizzating hills in terraces to make possible farming. This type of terraces are present in a lot of places in the world, the most famous are Liguria (NW Italy) and Machu Picchu , Per