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  1. Super Center 1

    Hm....looks great- but can't get it to grow in my city. Don't know exactly what i'm doing wrong. (Zoned 18X7 commercial zone and about 10 buildings came up instead of this one)
  2. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    How about some suburban homes? There seems to be a UK suburban home thread but none for the US...lets face it the homes in the actual game are not really that realistic. It would be cool to see suburban-looking homes around all these new strip malls, etc.
  3. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Thank you so much! btw- is it just me or does the link on the front page not work (the one to his products)
  4. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Hey! First off, your work is amazing! I love the suburban feel (like where i live) added to the game! I'm sure this has been mentioned before in the 20 or so pages but i'm having a problem in that most of the stores created parking lots are missing and in their place is just plain grass- making it look unrealistic. How do i change this? Again- sorry if this is being repeated!Thanks!