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  1. NexisNitroSoft

    Well, Well. This does very well when it comes to large subberban cities, i often put them in areas of commerce. (just because it looks nice) Very well done, i hope you plan to be an arcitect in the future.:)
  2. NexisEmbassy

    Yet another brilliant nexis lot!!! Elegent (best at night) great effects, but not too much of a cheat. You once again balance city effect with looks
  3. Power Generator

    I love the way you made it real, a truck for going on the job, a couple of people speaking, dumpsters, etc.you show us what makes a lot is the realism or it's special effect it has on the city, rather than good looks and filling it with fancy things.
  4. Small Bus Stop

    Looks like there is a god...... Well done! Finnally a bus stop that doenst look painfully obvious it's a bus stop. Looks like the bus stop in my neighborhood by the way:)
  5. Hobo Jungle

    Interesting......... Now adays people make lots for more of a functionality feature, but you think outside the box. Very nice work!!!!! You have some imagination, keep it up.
  6. Statue of Victory

    just one word for this lot.......... BRILLIANT!!
  7. Roadside Produce Stand

    I love to make country towns. I love what you did here, excelent work!
  8. Advanced Disposal Plant

    Impressive. Takes trash, makes power, positive effect rather than negative, looks good. Amazing lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. N America Park

    WHAT? 1000,000 demand cap satisfied! Amazingly great work on the detail and not only that but you included three different contries! But will you make other contry flags with different effects? Anyway well done!
  10. Golden super mayor statue

    A very powerful looking person. Will work well as a mayor statue.
  11. The Altar of the Triforce

    This looks promising, Detail is great, followed with a stroyline, and best of all it looks very sleek. Nice job!
  12. Academy Awards Theatre

    WHAT A SHOW!!!!! Simply amazing work on your part both detail and lighting affects!
  13. Christmas Plaza

    Cool. I could place a few of these near lighted areas and make a small party. This lot is great!!
  14. Rural Cemetary

    Not bad, but it dose fit those hard spaces to fill.
  15. Black Obelisk

    Nice choice of colors, very artistic. Your best work ever!