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  1. Sim City Aviation Group: REQUESTS

    Is there a way to make it so that the airports have a more regional effect? It's unrealistic how every city of moderate size requests an airport. I have a city of 1.5 million with an international airport. Once all the neighboring cities reached at certain population, I got the stupid "business clamoring for airport" request. What? Is there a way to make it so that the airports have a regional effect and not just a city wide effect. Same with the universities, hospitals and highways! That regional effect I feel, should manifest itself it two ways: airport volume increases to reflect it's regional use and whatever benefit the airport gives to the commercial sector in a city, that effect should also be regional. Perhaps it can have a radious effect, like police stations and schools. Larger airports serve a larger portion of the region. Does this sound crazy? By the way, I LOVE this site and though I've been using it for years, this is my very first posting to the forum. Thank you all for sharing your great talent and artistry? This game is truly unique and, by extension, this site as well.
  2. FmBeachesForIrregularCoasts

    Some ideas are just so fantastic. This is one of them! Thanks!