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  1. Making good beaches

    read this thread
  2. Creating Straight Edged Coastlines, Canals, and Ports

    thanks thats great. Its going to help me a lot
  3. Thank you Indy its accepting it after the quotation marks("). is it OK? Regards
  4. Dear A Nonny Moose thanks for reply that fast. Actually I couldn't cleared what I wanted to say was how to access that file where I can change that parameter. And If I am not creating any problem for you I read somewhere that changing the rendering mode to software can also be helpful to avoid CTD. Would you please guide me how to make these changes as my game is completely unplayable as soon as I try to load my cities. My System parameter are Core i5 @ 2.8 Ghz and 4GB Ram shared memory. Very warm regards and once again thank you very much for your time and expertise. Gonglo
  5. Dear All First post here and I'm feeling a bit fool but how to get to "-CPUCount-1" because my game keep crashing on again and again whenever I tried to load the city. Can some one please guide me to that command line. Regards
  6. Ozone Gas Factory

    That is one of the most useful BAT in SimCity 4.