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  1. river with mountains

    delboysim, for medium cities the green must be 255 and the R & B must be something else, they don't have to be 1. The squares that appear yellow have a G value of 255, R is 146 and B is 76, therefore the config is fine.
  2. river with mountains

    delboysim, can you explain how he has got the config wrong? It seems fine to me...
  3. Devils Tower National Park

    nice work bronto, another 10
  4. Arrowhead

    Bronto, you have a real talent for making maps, please keep doing it. 10/10
  5. Suburban Back Alleys

    I can't believe this has been available since July and I have only just seen it. Just what I wanted. Thanks.
  6. chubs Crematorium Center

    'Allow your sims to cremate their loved ones, while generating power thru the cremation process at the same time!' 10/10 for that quote!! Best laugh I've had for ages.
  7. Sim Mesa

    very nicely done
  8. Clayton Valley

    Nice job again. I hope you can keep posting these World Machine regions.