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  1. i love you, man! you is the best of sc4 <3

    1. kaiman1985


      I agree, this guy is the best!!!

  2. hmmm I'm lurking...

    Hello TPB I already feel very guilty as Dirk already talked to me about starting up modding just like the old days. I took a look at the guy working on the solar panels and it looks very involved but very interesting, however I'll wait for CS to give us a better animation hook and I'll see what I can do then; no promises. If I get back into it, I really want something more then just eye candy; like a town clock, or even a large pendulum clock as art piece. Gears that rotates etc. Don't get me wrong, I do love the game and it is definitely what Simcity 2013 should have been but for me it is just a tad late. I'll take a look at it again when we can add animations into the models and someone adds a reversal rotate; and I'll even live with the limited "righclick scroll" mod :-P (I actually have a very nice gaming mouse G700S with programmable buttons) I'm sure it won't be too long from now.
  3. hmmm I'm lurking...

    One : Will certainly be possible. I see no reason this couldn't happen. And anyway I don't see why it would be so crucial. Two : Yeah there are a lot of crappy or almost useless mods out there... so this should be an excuse for good modders not to do something useful or beautiful ??? Tss tsssss :kitty: I hate static builds :-p even my Census Repository Facility SC4 mods had sims crowding the front steps so something like a roller coaster build with running roller coasters will be cool, or even a ferris wheel model with a rotating wheel. or how about a building with an outside elevator that you can see going up and down. or how about a plasma globe for electricity generator. Very critical in making a cool working model!!
  4. hmmm I'm lurking...

    Well, as much as I love Cities Skylines with its "almost" gorgeous graphics, I'm moving on to GTA 5 which is sitting on my desk waiting to be installed. There are two problems, ok three problems, with City Skylines, One. is that any 3d models will be static with no moving parts. I'm sure this will be fixed with the next version of CS Two. I cannot really see any need for a new modder for CS as it seems that we have over 300,000 mods now and any neat new mods will be lost in the abyss. Three. The reverse rotate and the lack of "rightclick scroll" that allows me to drag out a road, power lines etc, is driving me nuts. Lastly, I am all burnt out on Simcity simulations... (well not totally burnt out as I had a tiny bit of fun with Cities Skylines)... but nevertheless I'm tired of building cities as I've spent about 7 years of my life playing SC4 and modding for it. If EA came out with this version several years ago, along with the ability to import buildings from "The Sims 3" and with similar mouse controls as "The Sims", I might have jumped on the bandwagon. Perhaps after having a grand old time with GTA 5, I might build a few cities again or maybe not. I'll see you perhaps in another ten years or maybe tomorrow :-P
  5. hmmm I'm lurking...

    oops my bad, it is hovers. Don't hover over my english as it is autocorrected by my Mac I have had only one hovering ex wife and that was enough and I wouldn't want to try again . Today I am able to enjoy my games, my motorcycle and anything that attracts my attention like GTA 5 for the PC tomorrow. Yes the reverse rotate was the main reason that I never got into SC2013 and it probably be the same reason for giving up cites skylines too. Also for some reason with the ability to mod, the game has lost its appeal. When we had to struggle through SC4 there was excitement when we had a mod that stopped abandonment, now we can modify those values directly. Yes I know we can play the game as it is suppose to or even play it in hard mode but that is like putting 3 oz of gas in your Ferrari just so you can eek out some enjoyment and excitement from city driving at city limit speeds; the excitement is never knowing when you run out of gas. Modding for SC4 was the challenge, now it is just a part of the game for cities skylines. I plunked down the seattle space needle and zoomed in to look at it and since the controls are reversed, I over-panned it one way then I over-panned the other way.... and suddenly I was looking up into the sky, then I said something like F.... then I exited the game and that was this morning... Seriously I am an expert at the controls for "The Sims". I love building buildings that I can rotate around the building zooming here and there without a second thought of how. Now I'm struggling with the controls for Cities Skylines. I cannot even lay down a road and use the right click to scroll along the city. This is the single most important part of the game and it will be the downfall of Cities Skylines.
  6. hmmm I'm lurking...

    I found the delete chirper mod as I want its absence entirely I am allergic to things that hoovers around my shoulders or at the top of the screen ; hence I'm a bachelor and will remain so.
  7. hmmm I'm lurking...

    wait? sc4 map rotation is backwards? or SC2013?
  8. hmmm I'm lurking...

    I got stuck into the sims gaming world for the last 8 years :-P my hand is now "The Sims" muscle trained hand. Yup I have to turn off that damn tutorial :-P and get that mod that deletes the chirper... I've already created a bunch of unlimited mods by simply modifying the values of the schools which makes "liking" this game a no-brainer.
  9. hmmm I'm lurking...

    well the "rightclick scrolling" is really only good for a mouse. If you already have your hands on the keyboard and trackpad on a laptop, that is another whole set of ergonomics. The "rightclick scrolling" comes from "The Sims" where I have been playing EA's game for the last 8 years. I am so adept in using the mouse in a 3d environment that I don't even think of how; everything just rotates, zips sideways and zooms in instantaneously without thinking. However when I apply the same motions to SC2013 who are the same people who created the Sims, you would think that the 3d movement would be carried over; instead the middle button is reversed (down is up, up is down, rotate left becomes rotate right). Thus I hated SC2013 and I almost hated Cities Skylines. For me, it needs to be a one handed Mouse movement.
  10. hmmm I'm lurking...

    That's probably because you've bought it on Steam. That's how it was for me... Steam automatically registered the serial number from my download. The game has various useful shortcuts which I learnt to use constantly: B - bulldoze on/off space - pause game W,A,S,D - navigate on the map R - tilt the camera to get an orthoimage perfect view from atop (very useful to build perfect road/rail curves) F - tilt the camera down to control elevations of what you work on (very useful to control the height of bridges) 1,2,3 - change speed totally understand - but I think it is a slight design failure where a pop up box hides something and there are many pop up boxes to remind you of things (requiring you close them by clicking on the [x]); annoying, just like the blue bird. Thanks for the shortcuts reminder.
  11. hmmm I'm lurking...

    So I've loaded up Cities Skylines and spent the last couple of days playing. Initially I was frustrated with the controls until I discovered the "RightClick Scroll" mod. Then everything fell into place except I still couldn't scroll and zone at the same time. The other initial frustration was, that I couldn't find the bulldozer. It turned out that the bulldozer was underneath the pop up message at the bottom right hand corner that told me to use the serial number when my game ask for it. I left it there instead of "esc-tabbing" because I expected the game to pop up sometime during playing like "Please enter your serial number" and there it would be at the bottom right hand corner of my monitor. The game never asked for the serial number. There is no doubt about it that this is a great game. Problems like missing features are fixed by users and their mods. No more waiting for the game company to fix it. Just like the right button scroll, of which if it wasn't for the mod, I would have given up just like I gave up on SC2013 beta when all the controls felt foreign to me. Now I am just waiting for someone to create a mod to reverse the direction of the rotate and pan of the middle mouse button.
  12. Downloading mods from outside of Steam?

    The fact that cities skylines do have a way to mod is the key reason that I'm checking the game out. Mystrelia sums it up nicely... even EA/Maxis servers were filled with crappy Sims buildings and I think they had a measly 30TB of hard disk so they had to cull the lots that were not downloaded or rated highly. That is just the way it is. People will upload a square box just to see if anyone would download their creations. I am actually happy waddling through all the mods using quick searches to narrow things down but I have to resort back to Google in order to find the better ones. Thank god for the existence of the Rightclick Scroll mod otherwise I would have written this game off; although I am still not too happy with the reverse pan and rotate of the middle button so if you know of a mod for this, I will be thankful. The Paradox of choice: people are most unhappy when they have too many choices. If you complain with no mods or too many mods, I think it is best to go back to just plain ol Simcity as I think the number of mods are just right.
  13. hmmm I'm lurking...

    What can I say, lifes a...... Yeah still here. Not as active, RL is more prodominant now for me than it was 10 years ago. Work 5-6 days a week, 10+ hour days . As for CSL; have you read the disclaimer on the box? *Warning: Game may lead to loss of sleep, weight loss, job, family & friends & abnormal hair growth* I've already started to grow an extra limb That limb will be useful Tropod... Good to see you still active. Hello Duke87, so long ago.... good to see you here... however it is time to get your priorities straight like getting rid of your gf and car; they really restrict your time on a great simulation game. Oculus rift is coming soon so getting rid of those obstacles will pave your way in the virtual world with no need of gf and cars.... but yes, smartphones are great as you can see and reply to postings anywhere!! including when you are spending time with your Gf :-P Cyclone, thanks for the welcome back. The name change list is awesome.... now I can track down my nemesis .... oh look there he is!!! Yeah I have a nemesis on this board :-P Yes if the tools are up to par and if I can get back into working with a SC like game, there will be some really really awesome mods. Let's see where this will take me.
  14. hmmm I'm lurking...

    ahhh so it is not something you did and decided to go with the Witness Protection program or Troll Hiding of nick changing Just kidding really... I just noticed that everyone was introducing themselves and saying that they were someone else back then; I mean if you had a nick of Youngfella then changed it to Oldman, I could relate
  15. hmmm I'm lurking...

    oh yeah I really hate how they keep breaking things and never fixing it; the worse was the water stilts that could not be deleted; so I had to work from older copies of my lot until I was satisfied with the position of the dock. Yes I have given up on EA too. They are no longer the company that I use to love. But I never join debacle discusions. If I don't like something I simply disappear like I did with the moddSquad group :-P I was until fairly recently a Global Moderator over at SC4 Devotion http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?action=forum and also have my own website here http://www.city-builders.info/ And from experience most people do it because they no longer feel the name they originally picked represents them or who they have became, so "patfighter" became "pat" as just one example, a few change their names as they have managed to acquire history under that name and they want to start off with a clear slate if the site is happy for them to do that. -catty hey hello Global moderator, Well I have kept my nick for over 20 years now. I remain a green turtle always. I think I just admitted to my age :-P