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  1. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Polygamy has to be equal. That isn't a man with two wives. It's a man with two wives, each of home has a husband and a wife herself. Anything that takes control over humanity away from viginal 80 year old men who claim to speak for God is OK in my books.
  2. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Voting doesn't work anywhere in Russia. Russia is a DINO: Democracy in Name Only. Let's got to something positive though - Uganda's first Gay Pride Parade http://www.advocate.com/arts-entertainment/commentary/2012/08/08/see-photos-ugandans-both-proud-and-brave?page=0,0
  3. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    With regards to Ryan Lochte, I am with Meg when she says he doesn't seem to know where he is or what he is doing. Have you seen his Twitter?
  4. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    The issue isn't so much that the president of the company is anti-gay, the issue is that the company uses its profits to fund anti-gay organizations, which for us means that eating there is financing "the enemy". This is an aspect of the whole thing that I think has been under-discussed in American media. We aren't boycotting because of a board member's opinion, we are boycotting because of the company's policies toward anti-gay organizations.
  5. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Don't get your hopes up, especially when you're still just a teenager. Unless one of you has the ability to travel to the other, nothing will come out of it. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun or be friends; just don't limit yourself to someone you can't actually have or you'll be lonely.
  6. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    In Canada it varies by region. When I was very young I thought every single one was unqie and very different from another, so in my mind, they came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  7. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Male circumcision causes harm too. I am so desensitized down there that condoms turn my penis into a numb stick.
  8. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    You could make the "it's religion" argument in favour of female circumcision as well, though. Slippery slope.
  9. Post your picture here II

    Highways 11 and 71 are also part of the Trans-Canada, but they're not marked. And the highway that goes to Peterborough is too, but again, not marked.
  10. Post your picture here II

    In Canada, highways are provincial, not federal, so the Trans Canada has a mile 0 in every province. In Ontario, it is at the Quebec border. Since that end is more populous, the highway's mileage runs contrary to the rest of the province. Having four digit exit numbers in Ottawa would probably be annoying. The Trans-Canada's designation is mainly symbolic. Ontario no longer recognizes it. The Trans-Canada is unmarked here. I think mileage actually goes in both directions here. I recall the numbers going up as I went to Winnipeg from the east, but then also going up as I went east back into Ontario? But the highway is divided and both sides have different paths so that might be why. Also I went back overnight so I might not be remembering correctly. I was also on a bus.
  11. Post your picture here II

    What a waste. You could easily fit 4 more signs onto that pole.
  12. Post your picture here II

    I find that moustache to be quite fine, indeed.
  13. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Your posts are a lot of fun. You have such an unusual way of looking at the world.
  14. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    I find "physically perfect" people somewhat repulsive. As a result, most people I meet turn me on.
  15. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Ah... I have found a line!