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  1. New Arcadia

    I like the highways surrounded by trees!
  2. I,ve downloaded mods but that was a long time ago, nothing recently. The only thing i've done dif lately is that i changed a bunch of my mayor names using the cheat code, hello my name is. I changed them to asterisks (*) just so it looks better from a regional view. Do you think that did it?
  3. This is my first time on the forums and i hope someone can help. I've been working on my region for over a year now. I have about 40 or so towns/cities and maybe 20 undeveloped towns. As soon as i start a new town without even touching taxes,the res demand complete plummets. i layed com and ind and it will grow for ever. i got schools, parks and everything they need but it will never rise. EVEN when i go back to a town that i basically finished the res demand plummets as soon as i click play. I dont understand, do i have a virus???