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  1. Fire Chief Indicted

    The Fire Chief of Territory P-22914, a supplier city to P-22917, was arrested at the district firehouse yesterday on 722 counts of perjury. The Grand Jury of the Federal Jurisdictive body of the Republic Guard has returned a true bill of indictment citing 722 incidents where the Fire Chief has acted like a complete idiot during an emergency. Seen here, Eddie Bunting, Fire Chief of Territorial City P-22914 is indicted for Perjury and being tried at the Northern Reserve's only Courthouse under the jurisdiction of the Grand Jury of the Republic Guard, located in Territorial city P-22917.
  2. Heritage Foul

    The region was uploaded by NHP
  3. Out of Retirement

    Territory P-22917 With a working population consisting 40% aged 50-65 and some 15% more age 65-90, you might ask "What's the hub-bub?" However, even if you don't talk funny, the interesting fact remains that people from every industry are flocking to various new territories loosely governed by the Republican Guard. Territory P-22917 in particular is now home to over 45000 residents some of whom came out of retirement to get a piece of the development frenzy now taking place in the Northern Reserve. "Between the development needs of neighbouring Territories and Nationally funded projects such as the Bundesland Excavation tasked to us at the outset, there is extremely high demand for engineers, architects and designers of every variety. I love it here. It's exciting, the scenery is magnificent and crime is non-existent! The only thing no one is quite sure about yet is how to acquire the rights to this settlement... so we might be able to call this a city one day..." The Bundesland Excavation
  4. Introduction

    Holy cow man! Awesome region!
  5. The Normansperre

    :D Thanks Eldaldo! and also TowerDude for actually having a read. I am writing slowly as I go. The only things I have planned out (mostly) are the particular governments internal structure and mandate.
  6. The Normansperre

    Engineer's Report Work has begun on the Normansperre. Dredging will continue using precision explosives bringing the realized cost to less than 12% of original estimates. Note that civil engineering cost estimates will be much higher in the initial phase of the Northern Shield project.
  7. Money Plant Pack

    Perfect! Great way to scoop myself out of trouble when too many dumb people move into my city and ruin the economy
  8. Gewerblich

    At the incorporation ceremony of Gewerblich A voice booms over the loudspeaker, "I am pleased to introduce Edward Trottel, the Mayor of the first new City in the Northern Reserve since development was banned some seventy years ago." Mayor Trottel takes the stage, fumbling with his papers. "By the power vested in me by the Federal Assembly of the LCSR, I do hereby declare Gewerblich open for development." "Major transit routes are being established as we speak" the Mayor continued. "We have much work to do but it is my belief that with the help of Mayor Mille, ..." Silence filling the air of the small park, the Mayor whinced. Standing up very straight, his beat quickened, "the uhm, entire Northern Reserve will be connected via modern Highways. With this breakthrough, raw materials will begin to flow as needed." Shifting awkwardly from side to side, Mayor Trottel bowed and left the stage.
  9. History to Current Events

  10. Heritage Foul

    LCSR Department of Natural Heritage Dr. Ondska Uppsåt 11 Power Avenue Placeville, Bigshot, LCSR Whereas the Appropriations Committee has made it’s most noble judgment regarding your request and, Whereas all Territories of the Northern Reserve not already allocated by other Departments, Ministries or Commissions are considered Unwanted Lands, You may assume full control of said lands up to and including the fullest extent of your responsibilities under oath. Be acknowledged that terraforming requests are now to be mailed directly to the Provincial Department of Natural Heritage using cipher ?protocol k-T80. A GIS visual of the Northern Reserve has been forwarded to ensure your proper notice but it is your responsibility alone to stay updated. Minister Felix Foul
  11. Somewhere In The World #1

    This region was absolutely perfect to initiate my first Journal. I hope you don't mind that it's a story of rising evil.
  12. Wild man! I was just there... Would have to cheat in order to place the appropriate amount of agriculture tho! :D
  13. Accidents happen

    Neighbour 1- Do you know when Dr. Heptagon moved out... cuz there's someone else movin' in right now! Neighbour 2- Last I heard, he was handling some big legal affair between the town and some folks who wanted to start scrapin' up the Nature Reserve. Fire at Metal Working Plant! Fredericks family lose everything in explosive Plant fire, days before change of digs. 2 killed, 1 reported missing from the area. www.bignewsforums.com splonkee92 Did you see the new construction in Menthol??!!!! chub33munk33 Yah, some sheds..I live in Menthol............BIG DEAL LOLOLROFLTTFYIUPDOWNSIDEWAYSCHEESEDOODLEZZZZZZ Mr.MooCow My cousin lives in Menthol! HEY chuib3333
  14. Mr.Mille

    LCSR Department of Population Management Frank Mille 7850 Power Avenue Bigshottown, Bigshot LCSR I have received your letter regarding the town of Menthol. I am forwarding the contracts to a provincial laywer so that we can begin negotiations with it's good citizens. Your efficiency in this matter will be rewarded as our regional overview must begin shortly. For your convenience, I am enclosing a transcript with our Department's recommended use of language. Dr. Ondska Uppsåt
  15. A Stir in Town

    Menthol is a quiet town in the North of the Republic. As yet untouched by the insanity of the new Government, it takes very little to make headlines in the Town Paper. Yesterday a fight broke out between a local business owner and a man claiming to be a Provincial Monitor of Industry Practice. "In Menthol, we have two types of industry." stated Dr.Heptagon yesterday afternoon. "Some are doing their part with the national financial crisis while others compete wrecklessly... wasting our precious resources and land." A representative for the Fredericks Family, owners of Fredericks Dirty Metals, were not available to comment. *!*LoCaL CoMmEnTaRy*!* Since when do 12 people usually live in a house together? My neighbours have what is essentially a shack and there's 9 people living there! It boggles the mind...