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About this City Journal

Its the year 2214, civilization is making a comeback after the nuclear holocaust of 2011. Entire countries were obliterated. This glorious nation can trace its roots to the British Empire....

Entries in this City Journal


Expansion of Babylon

 Babylon has undergone tremendous expansion as more loyalists from Selden have arrived. They fear a war might erupt with the revolutionaries and they don't want to be caught in midst of it. Babylon has went from a population 43,000 to 54,000. The highway has started to get is first traffic jams. Mid-rises have started to build in one part of the town. The government has gotten a new home. A new defense department building has also been built right next to it. Here are some pics of the full finished city.

babylonapr2619112840449.pngThe government buildings are in the middle of the suburban expansion.

babylonapr2719112840449.pngThis is the victory park. It celebrates our empire's glorious victories. It also is a place to morn the soldiers who have fought bravely for this country.

babylonapr3019112840449.pngHere is another suburban expansion district.

babylonmay1191128404500.pngThis is the King William's Airport. King William was the first monarch.


This is Governmental Hall and the Bureau of Defense.


 Babylon is the center of the Lindenhurst government as well as a center for business. Most of the business rely on manufacturing of hi-tech goods such as computer technologies. But, our main source of revenue comes from military technology. We sell this technology to other countries around the world. The main country that buys our military tech is Ashbourne. Ashbourne uses the military technology to further expand and take over weaker countries around it. 

               Babylon also has a growing interstate system that we adopted from the Americans. The system is still in its infancy ,but it will soon expand. Babylon is home to 39,000 people, the most populated city we have. There are some small mid-rises ,but they do not dominate the skyline as there are overcome by the masses of housing around it. Now lets take a look at Babylon.

babylonfeb1815212833525.pngThis is East Babylon. This is where most of the populous lives. As you can see the island in the middle contains a small town center. The town center also has the main business district. It also contains a nuclear power plant which supplies the entire region with electricity. 82% of all people use its electricity. The other 18% uses some other type of energy such as natural gas or oil.

babylonfeb2015212833525.pngThis is West Babylon which contains a lot of the industrial areas for Lindenhurst. 


This is the town center. Our high-wealth citizens also live here as well.

babylonfeb2215212833525.pngA close up view.

babylonfeb2315212833525.pngSome more "juicy suburbs".babylonfeb2915212833526.pngHouses.



babylonmar7152128335270.pngA growing industrial area.

babylonmar1115212833527.pngA suburban community with an industrial center.

babylonmar1215212833527.pngThis is the industrial center.


A Day of Mourning

 Breaking News:

7 Lindenhurst Marines Died yesterday after and ambush at  there guard post in Ashburke, Selden. All of the men died. The Selden Revolutionaries announced yesterday that they did in fact take in part of this attack. According to the Lindenhurst Colony Administrator, there was approximately 10 rebels who took part in this attack. After they set the guard post on fire with all the bodies inside. 3 of died while the other 5 were arrested. 2 rebels have escaped the authorities. 

             The Chancellor responded by announcing that more troops will be sent to keep the peace in Selden. Today he will sign the Peace Keeping Troops Act to send an additional 780 troops to Selden. 

              In other developments a riot broke out yesterday against a patrol of 6 Lindenhurst Marines. The Marines had been beaten by the crowd of more than 80 people. 4 marines were seriously injured. 1 of the marines is missing which means he was probably taken by the revolutionaries to ransom him. 1 of the marines died also because he had sustained knife wounds through his lungs. He then slowly suffocated because of his collapsed lungs. 

               Today is a day of mourning for Lindenhurst because of the loss of 8 brave, young souls. May they rest in peace. Also the Chancellor has also pledged on building a national cemetery for the soldiers who have died on the battlefield.

                                                                                                                                             Sam Wellington 

                                                                                                                                                                     NLNM Reporter


This is where the shooting first begun. One of the revolutionaries died here shooting the troops. The owners of the house are being questioned if they saw anything last night.


This was the guard post that was destroyed.


          Our government has changed since the fall of the bombs. We were once a republic but there was a lot of poverty because of it. So our government changed once again to a constitutional monarchy. The monarch is elected by the people. This monarch must be qualified to lead our people. They must have a proper education, they should politics, they should know the entire constitution and how it functions legally, and must know how to be a leader.

         Now the region of Lindenhurst has population of 54,000 people which is pretty good. More and more people from Australia and New Zealand have started immigrating here. We have open arms in greeting them. Every year 50,000 of them migrate here altogether. That means next year we should have a populous of 100,000 people. Currently Seldon is also gaining a large populous from Mexico and California. They have a population of 48,000. Now lets look at a birds eye view of the region of Lindenhurst.



This is the populated area of Lindenhurst. The most populated area is Babylon. It has a growing bussiness district. Most bussinessess thrive on immigration from other countries. The bussiness help them get started in this country by helping them get a house, car, and job.

lindenhurstconfederatio.pngThis area is not habited at all. Construction will start there soon though. Come back for more as the tensions between Seldon and Lindenhurst heat up.


          It all started with China. A new Chinese Primer took power in China. He started China on the path of imperialism. They annexed and expanded in Indochina and in N.Korea. Then as a result the powers of the United States and the European Union declared war on China. China got support from Russia who also got a new president. Russia invaded eastern Europe while the Chinese invaded Japan, S. Korea, the Philippines, and southern Alaska and Canada. 

          The Americans along with the Canadian military re-liberated the area. But, the American president also had opportunity in his hand. He annexed Canada into the new American Empire. This completely broke down relations with the European Union. The United Nations two weeks after, was disbanded. 

           The United States re-liberated Japan, the Philippines and the southern tip of S.Korea. Then, the countdown started. On August, 23rd 2011, a Chinese nuclear submarine was ordered by the Chinese defense computer to initiate full global destruction on the United States and the European Union. The sailors on board the submarine thought that the Americans and the European Union had nuked Russia and China. They launched there entire nuclear payload of 16, 35megaton bombs on the west coast of the United States and 3 major cities in Europe. What the crew hadn't realized was that the computer glitched so it gave the message in an incorrect way. 

             NORAD immediately reacted by launching 29 nuclear missiles at every single major city in China. The European Union also launched their nuclear missiles at China. Russia responded by attacking the US and the European Union. At the end of the day, the entire world was covered in darkness.

            Now 203 years after our glorious empire has rised from the rememnants of Great Britain in the Virgin Islands. 

10x10britisharmyflagv01l.pngThis is our flag. It used to be the British Army's flag. Since we had no creative mind of ours, we adopted it because nobody else was going to use it.

     In current events, we own what is now called the Virgin Trade Route. It is a route that connects the Seldon Islands to the new Virgin Island Chain.

              Seldon currently has a low public order. They want to become independent and not controlled by our govermnet. Seldon is important to us because it is a major area where supplies are shipped to be shipped to our manufacturing facillities in the new Virgin Island Chain. Our population is at 90,000 people and counting(including Seldon). 

(by the way me and awesomedude7 are working on this together if you were wondering).

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