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  1. Australian Speed Limit Signs RHS

    Version 1.00


    Australian Speed Limit Signs - Right Hand Drive These are speed limit signs that are typically found in Australia. They're a white sign, with a red circle on it containing the speed limit in kilometres per hour. In this sign pack I have included: 40km/h 50km/h Ahead 50km/h 60km/h Ahead 60km/h 70km/h Ahead 70km/h 80km/h 90km/h 100km/h 110km/h 130km/h The speed limit ahead signs are based off those formerly found in New South Wales. Installation Instructions Unzip the file and place the unzipped files inside your SimCity 4 Plugins folder. You will find these signs in your Parks menu. This lot has no dependencies.
  2. SimCity 4, NAM and Lion

    I did as you said but it still keeps freezing with Version 31 of the NAM...any ideas? UPDATE: I was using the Windows installer through wine...hadn't realised there was no mac update yet!
  3. Painted Road Sign Lots RHS

    You should make these into actual signposts and add 130km/h. They're really good!
  4. Swedish Speed Limit Signs

    You should create extra signs; 40km/h, 60km/h, 80km/h, 100km/h and 130km. This is a great mod, it just needs more variety.
  5. SMP UK Virgin Rail Train and HSRP Mod

    Ignore my last comment, sorry!
  6. SMP UK Virgin Rail Train and HSRP Mod

    All I'm getting is A Red and Blue color Drivers Carriage shape at the start and the carriages following that aren't Virgin Rail themed, could someone please tell me what's happening?
  7. DEDWD Officeworks Store

    I can't find the dependencies. The Links in the read-me appear to be broken.
  8. McDonalds v1

    Don't worry found it now. Just installed to the wrong folder. I like it, brilliant mod. 5 stars.
  9. McDonalds v1

    I can't find it when I go into sim city. Help!