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  1. Request for something unique entirely

    ionionion: Something like your example would work!! But seeing as I have the PPonds kit already, and not knowing how to use it to the fullest extent... How did you get the houses on the water like that?
  2. So in my hometown of Vero Beach, FL, there are houses that are along the river that have docks attached to them. There is also kind of like a wall that contours the water. So far, I have seen nothing of the sort that will work and thought I would try to make them myself, but I have no experience what-so-ever and thought I would ask the community for assistance. Being that there is no way for me to link the image without having it somewhere on the web, I will simply just give you the general area I am referring to. If you do a Google Earth search for "Indian River County, FL", you will be in the right area I am talking about. To be more precise though, type in, "Tarpon Drive, Vero Beach, FL", and you will see my issue. Zoom in and you can see that most of these houses along the Indian River have boat docks. Not only that, but there are walls there to contour the River to a uniform shape. I am not even sure this is possible in SC4... The average elevation in Vero is a mere 13 feet above sea level and there is even a map that was made by my request here on Simtropolis if you need to play around with it. I plan on picking up a book on how to do basics in 3D Studio before the end of the year so I can do things like this myself, but if anyone is willing to give it a shot, that would be awesome. Thanks Sir
  3. On the Florida Peninsula at Vero Beach

    Oh and by the way, the county that is mainly in this map is called Indian River County (where all the good Citrus comes from) and the city is Vero Beach, FL.
  4. On the Florida Peninsula at Vero Beach

    Nicely Done and thanks for undertaking this. Now I can try to replicate my home town! Just wondering if you had the same issue I did with the lakes?
  5. Creating a map from Google Earth [UPDATED]

    In the words of Eric Cartman... Super Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  6. Region Map of Indian River County, FL area

    Thanks for the helpful info SC4BOY. Unfortunately, it looks like the only way to submit a photo is by linking it to somewhere else (which I know saves tons of money in server space) but just have been too lazy to upload it to Photobucket to share it. I did get a Private Message from someone offering to undertake this challenge for me. I just wish I had more time to do the things I want but my job takes a lot of my time (10 hours a day on average) and then I do not want to neglect my family either so I usually have about an hour or two to play around with this a day. I am learning though and hopefully through trial and error, maybe there could be a time where my advice will help someone out (I can only hope). Being one to do things smarter and not harder (i.e. reinventing the wheel per say), I threw this out there to see what advice some people could give me if they had the same issues with small little islands near mainland areas. I love SC4 and hope to make my own contributions to Simtropolis one day with unique things I have encounted in my life that should be enjoyable to anyone else that has been there, done that, etc. For example: I would love to make a Military type base that would have B-52s and A-10s fly out. Being that I am a member of the USAF, my experiences with these aircraft and day-to-day life could make it just that much more realistic for others that have shared this experience. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about creating my own little SimWorld objects so I have to rely on the experienced to teach me things when I have a question or two. I know your reply was in the best interest for me to get an answer to my problem, so again I say thanks and happy times in your SimWorld.
  7. Region Map of Indian River County, FL area

    I see that this thread has had at least 20 views, but no replies... Add another 30 attempts to get this just right, but still not getting things to match up along the Idian River (The River between the Atlantic and mainland Florida). If anyone can even get it close, please let me know how you accomplished it so I can learn.
  8. Creating a map from Google Earth [UPDATED]

    Looks much nicer, but you do know that most shorelines have a beach that stretches out a bit. Does this app look at this data and interperet it or just make a generic sea shore? I am not trying to complain, this is a HUGE step in the right direction and hopefully will solve a lot of my issues when trying to map out the section of my hometown. Florida can be a ***** because of the Indian River there and all the little islands and jetties that if they are not made perfect, you can not replicate anything remotely similar. Anxiously awaiting this and very glad that you have decided to tackle this issue. Thanks
  9. After about 20 or so attempts at getting this region to look just eight with the isles with the beaches as close as possible, I am still unable to get it quite right. I know it will never be 100%, but at least need to be able to make the A1 Highway look close to the real thing... Just thought I would ask others out there who are more experienced if they could spare the time to help me out. Thanks.
  10. Creating a map from Google Earth [UPDATED]

    Thanks for the reply back, I just ended up using my laptop which runs XP Pro to convert since Vista is now VBScript and not Virtual Basic... I really don't want to learn yet another language when I don't program anymore... But I do have another question for you: What color hex code do you find works best for coastlines and such? I am trying to do a conversion of my home town of Indian River County, FL and the colors I use either make the water too deep for beaches or too high for water. I would just use your idea of manually making water in the god mode, but being a Florida coastline, this would take a lot of time I don't have. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Creating a map from Google Earth [UPDATED]

    This tutorial is great but there is a slight problem... The script you provided does not work with Windows Vista Pro x64... Trying to fix it now and will provide you a new one if I manage to get it to work, but my VB skills are pretty lame these days and might take me a while. Any chance you have one already so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?