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  1. (Offline Only) Drone Enhancement Pack

    is this compatible with deveroux's cheat mods, since those alter the hangar capacity for the hospital fire station and police station, looking like probably not. ur scripts package name matches another one that i am currently using
  2. Cheat: Garbage (Single Player Only)

    ok i see what is wrong the atomizers are maxing out in the 1.x amount then they reset
  3. Cheat: Easy Money / RCI / Freight mod

    so i set this up on a city i started and thought wonderful this will finally make the industrial sector's freight requirements actually get fulfilled. then i saw the income chart. i was making $100 million will only a small amt of industry and residential. this was way too much. is there anyway that you can make a version that just fixes the amount of freight and frequency. or tell me how to? much appreciated
  4. Cheat: Garbage (Single Player Only)

    thats confirmed its happened several times now sadly. they seem to burn at a max rate of about 0.7/hr for the atomizers also would be awesome if there was a way to increase the overall capacity of the recycling centers. as far as how quick they process and actually split stuff up as well. several times my cities are overwhelming the recycling plants
  5. Cheat: Garbage (Single Player Only)

    not sure whats going on here... mod seems to be performing great... save for one issue... the dumps incinerators and atomizers are still burnign the same amount of garbage... even with the upgrades to the rest of the garbage centers... is still wind up buried in garbage