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  1. Hello Guys! Its been a while since I've been here. The last time I've been here was back in 2004 and wow how time can truly fly. I hope everyone was well some of you guys may know me from SimCity 4 the closed knit community that it was which quickly migrated to this incredible site. I actually did not join this site until about a couple of months after SimCity 4 was released way back in 2003 ten years ago. So here I am once again here to kind of do it all over again haha. I don't plan to be as active as I was back in 2003 when I was a young teen without any responsibilities haha. Now that I'm pretty much an adult I mean it was like 10 years ago haha with more responsibilties and stuff things have really changed in the last 10 years haha. Anyway many of you may remember me as "The_New_Vlad" but that was the old young name, I kept it simple and changed it back to Vlad788 which is the default handle I have everywhere. I can't believe my old city journal is still here! "Nature's Fury" haha that was the only way I was able to find my account and everything I'm glad I didn't have to re-register again haha. I noticed several familiar faces after all these years! Its unbelievable to see everyone has stuck here for this long. I still have SimCity 4 its not installed and I really don't plan on installing it anytime soon haha. Too many mods, too many new buildings to download. So I'm starting back on a clean slate with SimCity 5. I also have CitiesXL installed as well but thats something I have yet to get into. I guess its pretty tough because I have such limited time now... But for the most part things have remained the same. My writing surely was different back then and boy the maturity was simply not there 10 years ago haha based on the posts I'm looking at from the 2000s. So here we are a new decade, (Already 4 years into it!) oh and wow 700 posts haha. Great way to start my return here haha. Hope everybody is doing ok! And i'm glad to really be back! And I love the new look too! Lots of great changes here at SimTropolis I love the new forum software, new looks and everything, yet it still has the same old unique flare that it's known for. Very closed knit and very friendly! Awesome! The last post I made was back in July of 2004 haha and it was a post about the NAM thread and The Great Chozo's stack exchange. I'm sure things have changed significantly since then haha. Vlad
  2. Rubik I must say, BTW what is your name? I must say you've have done an excellent replica of the World Trade Center. You never cease to amaze us with your wonderful buildings and you truly deserve an award or something. If they do the Trixie awards this year, you definitely deserve one. You are so good with 3D computer designs and I'm glad that you've shared this amazing piece of work with us. I don't know how else to thank you? What can we do to return the favor? Thank You so much for the World Trade Center and really if you want to, please take a break I think you've been working too hard lately. Without you, this game wouldn't be fun and you add to the reason why I still play SimCity 4. Thank You. -Vlad
  3. WTC Lot Landmark Version

    Please read the PM that I will send to you shortly.... -Vlad
  4. All I can say is "You're Fired!", what an awesome building.
  5. Personify Plaza

  6. Century of Flight in Simcity KLM 767300ER

    Another Great Plane, Awesome!
  7. Oh my god this looks so beautiful, in fact it even looks better than the real one!! -Vlad
  8. City of EDMONTON

    Amazing! -Vlad
  9. NAM General Discussion Thread

    What ever happened to that stack exchange that The_Great_Chozo has been working on? It looks like there aren't any discussions on this anymore, I was really interested in that. Anyway is it still in the works or it has been canceled? -Vlad
  10. New York 2

    Very nice, superstar, but you have to do something about those Wren Insurances as it makes the city look very unrealistic, what about that mod? Called Go Away Wren You can get it by clicking on the hyperlink below http://www.simtropolis.com/modfiles/content.cfm?section=MODS&download=329 -Vlad
  11. Triangle Building

    Its ok, I mean for a second building, it looks pretty nice superstar.
  12. Alpha Park

    Hmm, looks very nice, finally a park with lots of trees and a parking lot!!
  13. I must say that you did quite an incredible job rubik and devoting all these hours to these buildings is simply amazing and kind. You truly deserve an award from Simtropolis. As for the buildings they are unbelievable. I never thought I'd see these towers in the game. They look awesome especially the World Trade Center's Base. Amazing job. -Vlad