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  1. not directly...this is more of an informational type mod....it won't cure the problem for ya, but will give you the information on the city and the region so you can determine where and what to build in your region, gives info on what you have in the city and region, and what the demand chartdesire for the city/region....so you know what to zone for ...
  2. Official Mapping Community Requests

    hiya guys...my first request for a map..looking for a 10x10 large map area of the middle east...centred on Iraq...if this is possible to do acuracate scale map if possible...a close rendintion will do... thanks in advance
  3. tilesetmod

    the mod doesn't affect any of the buildings...they still function correctly if already in the city...it's more of a trick than an actual mod...it can be removed and put in anytime...with no ill affect I ever noticed
  4. TM Housing

    no dpendancies, no download...maybe some day you'll be able to make a proper lot Barby...:P...drop by chat...I'll give ya some pointers /me falls off the chair laughing
  5. Biggest Regional Population

    127 million...but it was a huge map and I cheated me little pants off
  6. it's now availiable on the official site for free for those that have purchased simcity4 original and/or the deluxe version...it's found in the landmarks download section of the site
  7. The New Staff Member Welcome Thread

    my condolences to you...
  8. Goobers Nuts

    I hate you goob ...:l nearly pee'ed myself laughing...:) the doozers will use...:) oh the thing I could say...:)
  9. Who is not Going to Post After You Game

    wrong... I'll guess yoman3 won't post after me...
  10. Who is not Going to Post After You Game

    I bet Cjah won't post after me...
  11. Creating Ordinances

    Ralphninja's mod (though he did have help from other members of the mod squad) they were not ever able to figure out a way to add new ordinaces to the game...only edit the exisiting ones...I believe thier findings can be viewed in the MOD experiments and/or development thread (might have to search, sort of guessing on the thread here) around here we rarely use the term "impossible" as you never know when someone might figure it out...but i believe the idea of adding new ordinances is currently a dead subject (or at leat in a comma)
  12. The SimTropolis House of Worship

    no...the priest not marrying is just to stop inheritence. It was a true factor in it's idea...as ancienct times lordship over the land was a father to first born son thing before the Christ, still in most places on this planet. The early church after the fall of rome, owned almost everything, and the pope and cardinale positions were not just a posssion of faith but of extreme power both in land and military, econimics. Considering the idea of it becoming and "Kingship" postion was a factor. As once you were pope....you could sort make the rules. The idea is more to be in line with the idea that you shall devote yourself to God,...not another human being. There by being "holy" and gaining divine inspiration,..once again this idea comes much later in christian religion (s) ...sort of a mix of other religions an ancient customs which many places are still in place It is more of a man made concept of the "interptation" of the word of God...in my view like most time man screwed it up...too many times church doctrine has been influenced by men seaking power or those whos faith was strong...but they lacked wisdom to understand meaning (the world was flat idea...:S) early christian has no laws against marrying...no laws about no marrying either. Hence one of the great splits, those there are many others, in the "church" between the different Christian churchs. Wars been fought over this one for centuries. I don't see any change in stance from "rome" anytime soon. personelly of the idea...priest should have to marry...should be Fathers. You can trust a good family to be fair and wise...more inclide to do what is best for all and not to rash in judgment. Not to say a person not marrying can't be these things, Just making not marrying a requiredment of being ordained seem the oppsite thing we as humans should be doing. though i also hold the belief that Women should be ordained (won't get into that kettle of fish) "be fruitful and multiply" is the first thing God tells man to do according to the Bible. so i'm a firn beliebver in that when told something. they ussually start with the most important things... there are many instances of popes having childen too,. but those are sorted and dark times for the church (and another kettle of fish) This in my mind doesn't diminish my admiration for those that choose , will, or have chosen to devote ones self to their faith...they actually have quite the list of the most celerbrated achivements in human history. nowwhere is it said by the Christ that you had to marry the church to be oradianed, So I don't hold the personelly belief that it should be required to be ordained. I believe it should be required that the ordained be Father or Mother... but that just me...
  13. Map rendering Instructions

    yep... in the future...delete the height mod right after rendering a map..as there a billion height mods and you only need it to render the map...after that...it's useless and will affect other maps you try and render later on...
  14. BSC Prop Packs and Textures.

    I recomend the new mega pack of MJB's stuff....you need more of his files , trust me you'll want them... top download on the list from Barbyw BSC MEGA Props MJB Vol01: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?page=1&keyword=mjb&type=all
  15. can't bulldoze building

    BTW...what was the lot and or maker of the lot maybe we could take a look at the particular lot...see if it a bad lot, and see if we can get it fixed...or deleted from the STEX if it can't be fixed I've had lots which were badly made an did overwrite and mess up the origial buildings, but never from STEX...omnly from the official site